Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI for Business Central & NAV

Microsoft is making it easier for you to see your company data and make informed decisions quickly with Power BI. The application enables companies to connect to their data from multiple data sources such as excel files and cloud storage sources including Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics NAV, and then analyse the data using easy to read, interactive visualisations that can be shared with colleagues across a range of devices. Power BI is a service inside of Microsoft Power Platform which enables analysts to quickly go from data to insight to action, by connecting hundreds of sources so that you can prepare data easily and create beautiful reports that you can quickly share with everyone who needs them. One of the biggest advantages of Power BI is that you can access your insights, reports and dashboards from absolutely anywhere and on any device at any time.

Microsoft Power BI is a one-stop shop for all the data management services you need for your business or organization. It does an incredible job of linking powerful business analytics with a user-friendly interface and exceptional data representation in a rich visual format.

What is Microsoft Power BI and how do I use it?

Watch this short video to find out more about what Power BI is
In 27 minutes learn how to access data, create and share reports & dashboards

Power BI and Business Central

Getting insights into your Business Central data is easy with Power BI. Power BI retrieves Business Central data allowing you to build dashboards and reports based on that data. Power BI provides a flexible alternative to reports built in Business Central, enabling you drill down and customise the visualisation, and even merge data from different companies in Business Central. Some Power BI reports can also be embedded in Business Central and viewed without leaving the system. More complex dashboards are better experienced from the Power BI web site.

What you can do with Power BI and Business Central? There are various features for working with Business Central and Power BI. Some things you can do from Power BI, while other things are done from Business Central. Also, some features are only available with Business Central online, not on-premises. Speak to Prodware to fully understand the options available to you or why not attend a Teams call and see for yourself. Getting ready to use Power BI, there are a few tasks that must be done before you can start using Power BI with Business Central. The tasks will depend on your role in your organisation, and what you want to do with Power BI:

  • As a business user, you want to view Power BI reports, either in the Power BI Service or in Business Central
  • As an administrator, you’re responsible for the management of the organisation-wide settings that control how Business Central and Power BI work.
  • As a report creator, you want to build custom Power BI reports that you can share with other users.

Call Prodware to discuss your Power BI and Business Central needs.

Prodware Power BI for Business Central

Getting a bird’s-eye view of your business finances is not easy, this is why Prodware has created its extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our advanced finance analytics solution is the answer, natively integrated with your Dynamics 365 Business Central application, surfacing real data from your day-to-day operations with an additional layer of business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI.

BI for Business Central includes a set of dashboards to meet your needs, with various data panels (more than 120 in total) covering different financial areas. BI for Business Central can be accessed from inside your Dynamics 365 Business Central application. No need for additional software or switching applications.

Watch video

BI for business central

Power BI Financial Analysis views

Average Payment Period view

Working Capital Dashboard

Turnover view

Training & Consultancy on Power BI for your BC or NAV system

You have an existing Dynamics Business Central or NAV solution and you want to learn how to create user friendly, visually pleasing reports & dashboards that allow your team to dive deeper into the valuable data to make quicker and fact based discussions. Prodware are here to deliver a tailored Power BI workshop that best meets your needs.

Whether it’s; top up training on Power BI, a full Business Intelligence project or you just prefer us to create and deliver your reports for you, Prodware team are here to support you.

Call us on 0161 705 6000.

Licensing & Pricing

There are three kinds of Power BI per-user licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User.

Which type of license a user needs is determined by where content is stored, how they’ll interact with that content, and if that content uses Premium features. Where content can be stored is determined by your organisation’s license type.

Call our team to discuss what’s the best fit for you. Please note that the prices displayed are indicative.


The free Desktop license is Ideal to get started on building dashboards for personal use.
You can explore your data wherever it is, in the cloud or on-premises
Clean, transform and mash up data from multiple sourcesin a few clicks.  If you’re familiar with Excel, you’ll feel at home in Power BI.


License individual users with modern, self service analytics to visualise data with live dashboards and reports and share insights across your organisation.
Power BI Pro is included in Microsoft 365 E5.
Available to buy now

premium – £15.08 PER USER/PER MONTH

License individual users to accelerate access to insights with advanced AI, unlock self-service data prep for big data, and simplify data management and access at enterprise scale.
Includes all the features available with Power BI Pro.
Available to buy now

Why choose Prodware?

We have been around for more than 30 years and have acquired the expertise and experience in helping businesses drive transformation projects. We develop and deploy industry-specific solutions based on Microsoft technology. Our expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation help us provide the solutions and services you need to meet the challenges of your industry while gaining that sustainable competitive edge for your business.