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An easy to use mobile app to help your employees safely return to the office

Many employees have been remote working at home during the COVID-19 restrictions, and organizations who are planning a return to the office need processes in place to maintain safety. Whilst physical office layouts are being configured in line with social distancing measures, there is also a need to control who is in the office, who is using desks and rooms to ensure contact tracing.

Regular HR systems are not prepared for the new situation and companies are forced to improvise or manage through lots of manual work. Ineffective policies or practices may affect not only productivity but also the employees’ well-being and trust in the employer leading to a reluctance to return to the premises.

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Desk Planner helps your employees safely return to the offices step by step, in an easy to use mobile app that is controlled by your company policies, meeting local regulations.
Built on Microsoft Power Apps technology; it is fast to set up, compatible and easy to use, complementing your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

FEATURES – Desk Planner

Plan a desk

Employees can select a location, plan the occupancy of a room or desk for one or more days in the future, and reserve a workspace in advance. Manage resources according to office safety policies.

View planning

Employees can see an overview of the booking calendar to view available space.

Check-in /Check-out

Employees can check in and out of their reserved workspaces. At check-in and check-out, the employee’s details are stored with the date and time to aid traceability.


Share important information with your employees. For example, COVID-19 rules to follow in four offices.

Report incident

If an employee tests positive or has symptoms, they can notify the relevant contacts in their company directly through the app.


Perfect for multi-site and multi-country organizations, Desk Planner is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

What’s inside…

Desk Planner mobile app

Mobile app view

Desk Planner administration screen

Manage office, rooms, floorplans and desks on desktop view

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