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Help grow your membership with a deeper control, visibility and engagement with your community

Membership organizations and associations need to be armed with the latest best practices and innovations in order to grow their members, their revenues and the value they bring to their community. If they don’t, then the expected happens – poor retention, low attraction and less relevance to audience needs.

Whether you are a professional organization or association built around a vocation, a non-profit created to make a positive difference or a commercial business who recognizes that subscriptions from loyal customers are the bedrock to success; membership growth is key.

The Membership solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement provides a membership model that can flex to your needs to help attract, engage and retain members.

Membership model

BENEFITS – Membership

Deepen member engagement and loyalty

Without understanding and keeping current members, growth is difficult to achieve. Understanding what keeps members engaged is just as important as drawing in new members. By improving proactive and relevant communication with member insights, feedback, unified data and multi-channel marketing and service campaigns, your members keep engaged with the right message at the right time.

Improve member retention

Member renewals are a high priority of the membership lifecycle, so the easier, more flexible and more personalized an organization can be in your retention activities, the higher the renewal rate. By setting renewal mechanisms per plan in terms of frequency and price, plus the option of automatic billing; all connected to your finance system, you serve your members with seamless ways of staying with you, plus you achieve a full picture of retention rates and areas to improve.

Drive member recruitment and acquisition

Low barriers to engagement, a clear and relevant value proposition and compelling communication are key to attracting and onboarding new members. Mapping member journeys, creating member personas to boost audience segmentation and using modern channels such as mobile, social media, webinars and self-serve portals is all possible with Membership.

FEATURES – Membership

Renewal process per plan to set frequency and choose automatic billing

Member management from attract, onboarding to renewal

Membership plans to reflect types, fees, offers and frequency

Billing mechanism to issue contracts, reminders and invoices

Donation feature for not-for-profit associations

Document templates for renewal, contracts etc.

Management dashboard provides an overview of current members (active and inactive), status, revenues and other KPIs

Portal for self-service member engagement


Marketing Automation and Customer Journeys

Manage member journeys, automate and execute marketing email campaigns and events, ensure compliance with GDPR, and implement a Customer Experience strategy.

Member Customer Service

Manage claims and requests, build and strengthen your community with forums, request and act on feedback and member satisfaction, serve your members through omni-channel including social media and SMS.

Membership Insights

Unify your data and then gain a 360 view of your members with churn risks and other KPIs, leverage AI to gain deeper membership understanding, e.g. member affinity.

Financial Control and Billing

Set renewal frequency and automated billing, link Membership billing to invoicing in your financial app and manage payments from your financial app.

What’s inside…

Membership dashboard

Membership portal

Membership plan

Member renewal mechanism

Member billing mechanism

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As a Microsoft Gold partner with innovative technology driving our R&D, Prodware has developed and implemented Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales and Service projects across Europe. Along with our innovation startup partners and our CX business consultants, our experienced R&D team work closely with our clients to develop additional integrated functionalities that suit their needs to boost collaboration, productivity and customer experience in order to achieve sustainable growth.
We are an international company present in 13 countries across the EMEA region allowing our customers to benefit from a local service supported by a global infrastructure.

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