Prodware Low-Code Journey

Low-Code Journey


Over the past decade, digitization has accelerated the technological needs of businesses across all sectors. IT teams are under increasing pressure to meet business needs. Currently, IT teams need to develop 5 times more mobile applications than their department can handle with 86% of businesses struggling to find the talent needed to meet their development needs.

The low-code environment along with Microsoft’s Power Platform, offer an imense opportunity to accelerate traditional development time by 80% and to achieve the speed and agility businesses need today.

What is Low-Code?

Low-Code is a software development approach that allows you to create apps quickly with minimal programming. This method utilizes visual developer tools allowing users to create applications with intuitive features such as drag-and-drop, selecting elements from a graphic interface and using pre-made blocks of code. This approach allows you to develop apps more quickly as it eliminates the need to write complex lines of code.

Low-Code is a response to growing demand for customizable applications that are quick to set up and no longer require long and complex processes of traditional programming. It also allows companies to build applications quickly to meet the needs of their business and their customers.

What is the difference between
Low-Code and No-Code?

Low-Code and No-Code are two application development approaches that have gained popularity in recent years. The main difference between the two is the amount of code required to create an application. Low-Code requires some programming knowledge, but utilizes graphical tools to reduce the need to code from scratch. On the other hand, No-Code does not require any programming knowledge since it uses visual development tools to assemble blocks and features to create applications. In general, Low-Code is more appropriate for complex projects that require more customization, whereas No-Code is ideal for simpler projects or “Citizen developers”, people who do not have any prior programming experience.

Benefts of Low-Code

  • Create apps in a visual and intuitive manner to simplify the development process
  • Democratize the creation of apps; make it accessible to non-technical users
  • Accelerate your digital transformation by reducing traditional software programming time by approximately 80%
  • Easily automate manual or tedious tasks
  • Significantly reduce costs compared to traditional development

Why use Low-Code?

While Low-Code will likely never entirely replace traditional development, it helps accelerate development processes and break down barriers to accessing innovation.
In today’s rapidly changing market, digital transformation plays a pivotal role in business growth and innovation. Low-Code is a game changer for companies that need quick and easy solutions. Software development requires skilled developers to deploy complex and highly customized solutions. Thanks to Low-Code tools, companies can now easily create business applications and innovate without writing complex lines of code, giving businesses agility in meeting their business needs.

Amongst other things, this technology can generate:


With ever-changing markets and regulations, how can your company keep up? Low-Code enables rapid changes allowing you to follow market trends and stay ahead of the competition.


The ability to create more apps in less time leads to lower costs. Moreover, Low-Code development reduces the need for developers which also reduces the need for recruitment. Low-Code platforms can also increase productivity across your organization.


By streamlining the development process and increasing the use of automation, IT is able to accomplish more in less time. Additionaly, with simplified lifecycle processes, developers spend less time fixing issues when they arise.


The accelerated development cycle is one of the main advantages of Low-Code technology. These platforms include built-in templates and drag-and-drop features that drastically speed up development time compared to traditional coding.


The positive impact of Low-Code development is not limited to the IT department. Time saving also lead to better customer experience. Thanks to Low-Code development, businesses can quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs.


Traditional app development divides your teams into silos: coders and non-coders. Business teams define the vision and developers build it, but the project and scope can sometimes get lost in translation along the way. With Low-Code, both parties can collaborate in real-time ensuring that the goals stay on track throughout the process.

Prodware and Low-Code

Power Platform has been a pioneer in accelerating the digital transformation of many companies offering an array of easy-to-use applications that generate impressive results.

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of applications integrated into Office 365 allowing users to quickly and easily create apps thanks to Power Apps, automate processes with Power Automate, anaylze data thanks to Power BI, and provide virtual assistants using chatbots via Power Virtual Agents.

power automate logo

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate allows your business to focus on higher-value work by automating tedious manual processes with flows.


virtual agents logo

Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents permite allows your employees to create chatbots to interact with customers and employees, without the need to code, allowing your teams to focus on higher-value tasks.


power apps logo

Power Apps

Without having to code, empower your team to create their own solutions by easily designing and launching their apps within your company, freeing IT from this task.


power bi logo

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI lets you connect a wide range of sources through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports and engaging graphics that bring data to life.


power pages logo

Power Pages

Create responsive web pages without programming that are fully adapted to your needs thanks to a wide variety of templates and drag & drop components.


Ventajas Low Code


Prodware has launched various programs to support you in the transition to Low-Code with Microsoft Power Platform. Through these programs, Prodware can help you accelerate innovation within your company in order to create autonomous teams able to develop and launch your own apps to meet your business needs.

Fast Track

Create solutions in a practical and agile way in less than a week without having to write a single line of code with Microsoft Power Platform.

– Review scenarios and app ideas
– Choose an app, process or report
– Build within 1 week
– Lesson learned session and presentation of the solution

Fast Track

App in a week

Produce an app in a practical and agile way in less than a week without having to write a single line of code with Microsoft Power Platform.. Prodware will accompany you with a subsequent support line.

– Learn about Power Platform capabilities
– Power Platform practical lab
– Review scenarios and app ideas
– Choose an app to build within 1 week
– Build your app with Prodware’s help

App in a week

Discovery of processes

The Discovery services package helps companies identify manual processes that can be automated, improve existing processes and streamline them in terms of operational agility, performance, efficiency, customer experience and employee experience.

As a final result of the business consulting process, a short, medium and long-term Low-Code technological roadmap is delivered with a review of all of the processes subject to improvement.

Discovery of processes

COE Start Up!

With the Power COE Start Up service, we provide you with all of Prodware’s know-how of the Power Platform to implement a Center of Excellence.

– Training sessions (SCRUM methodology, tools and Power Platform)
– Scope requirements of the COE services. Documentacion of procedures (TO-BE)
– COE starter setup kit. Setup ALM. Deployment support (2S)
– Managed services, continuous innovation

COE Start up!

Power Platform Center of Excellence

The Prodware Center of Excellence drives innovation, continuous imrpovement of processes, solutions and data. The COE team of professionals, the agile build and run methodology, the governance of integrated processes all help our customers on the Low-Code path in their digital transformation.

– BUILD: Backlog management, iteration planning, execution, reviews (demos), retrospective.
– RUN: Support center, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, Q&A, solution deployment.
– GOVERNANCE: Security management, monitoring, service management and SLAs.

Power Platform Center of Excellence

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