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How the 365x initiative started

At the heart of the innovation dynamic, startups have revolutionized how innovation and disruptive technologies can quickly reshape business. This agility, fresh thinking and fast ROI can benefit Prodware customers in their digital transformation. This is why Prodware is a founding partner of the 365x program; a startup incubator specialized in role and sector specific technologies. The 365x program accelerates the Go-to-Market of those selected startups and then incorporates the solutions into Prodware’s solution portfolio. Initially launched in Tel Aviv, Israel, “the startup nation”, the 365x program is also present in New York, USA.

What is the 365x Incubator?

It is a 12-week program during which the CEO or founder of the startup addresses the startup’s needs and challenges with a designated mentor. This initial session may be followed by a second 12-week session to oversee the implementation of the action plan and recommendations discussed during the initial phase.

What’s in it for Prodware?

With this incubator program, Prodware contributes to the development and growth of these companies through strategic coaching, business mentoring, R&D support, and go-to-market best practices. Prodware leverages the best of these 365x innovations and integrates them with our solution portfolio, bringing innovative technologies directly to our customers to meet real business needs.

Who is the 365x Incubator for?

This program is for those startups specialized in disruptive technologies and solutions that fit with Prodware’s vision. The goal of this program is to accelerate the go-to-market of those selected startups and integrate them with Prodware’s solutions.
Only those startups with a customer base that have proven and delivered real added value to the market can get into this program.

Startups: Why join this program?

Startups that are selected are assigned a Program Manager. The manager is tasked with coordinating the different exchanges with experts during the different phases of the project.

There are three kinds of experts:


most often these people are entrepreneurs themselves or executives in the High Tech industry


these are experts in specific areas that have the related expertise


these are investors, partners or Business Angels that can help startups in their fundraising strategy

Through weekly meetings, the experts work with the startup to improve commercial growth, fundraising and develop their go-to-market strategy.
Our experts are professionals from multinational companies such as:

écosystème d'investisseurs de 365x

Access to an Ecosystem of Investors

The 365x ecosystem offers startups great advantages. As part of the incubation program, the entrepreneurs are further supported in their fundraising phase through meeting potential and interested business partners, ready to invest in their venture.

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Access to an International Community

The international nature of the program exposes the entrepreneurs to a global network of experts and investors (including EMEA, APAC, LATAM and USA.)

Which Startups have already Benefited from the 365x Program?

Over 100 startups have already participated in 365x, here’s just a few examples of the program’s alumni

Hanan Lipskin, Keepers CEO

“Being part of the 365x has given us a unique opportunity to meet different risk capital partners and the Sarona financial ecosystem. Getting to be part of a community of entrepreneurs who have raised millions and have an impressive track record is an unimaginable advantage!”

Noam Levavi, ByondXR CEO

“After only one month into the program, we managed to determine much clearer development milestones, a dynamite pitch deck and signed a deal with one of our coaches in the United States!”

Dor Lahola, Cerebro CEO

“Thanks to this program, I got to meet C-level executives that are part of the same ecosystem as me and that have helped me better understand the American market while connecting me with the right people. During the first month I signed a letter of intent and a due diligence process with future investors.”

Hanan Lipskin
Cofounder & CEO, Keepers

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Noam Levavi
Cofounder & CEO, ByondXR

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Dor Lahola
Cofounder & CEO, Cerebro

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Program Sponsors

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How to join 365x?

There are certain pre-requisites to join the 365x program such as current situation, status, type of solution, added value etc.

Following the pre-selection phase, interviews with different program coordinators are conducted. Their goal is to determine if the startups meet the different 365x admission requirements.


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