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Bring out the best in your projects

Our MACQ department (methodology, audit, control and quality) brings together experts in project management leveraging a proven project governance process combining know-how, practical decision-making and business expertise.

Our policy is to work hand in hand with our customers throughout the entire implementation cycle.

A Collaborative Methodology

We work with our customers on well planned iterations to deliver the best-in-class solutions on time and on budget and that meet the customer’s business requirements.


Experience and expertise supporting a proven methodology


Comprehensive support and excellence in delivery


A hands-on, real-time project governance approach for efficient and quicker turnaround time


Delivering quality across the board to meet the customer’s expectations

The SureUse Certification

SureUse is a fully certified, GDPR-compliant, Microsoft-inspired project governance methodology ensuring quicker and better results and quality that meets your needs. The main SureUse takeaways:

Project Services SureUse

  • Minimizing risks through direct collaboration with the customer from the get go of the project.
  • Simplifying and optimizing the allocation of resources and tighter budget management.
  • Improved holistic appreciation of the scope of the project and better understanding of each team member’s tasks.
  • Flexibility throughout the project governance cycle regardless of the complexity, size and structure of the project.

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