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A digital currency risk management platform to align your hedging activity with real-time business data from Dynamics 365

Hedgewiz is a simple yet comprehensive online hedging platform for all aspects of corporate FX risk management. It identifies currency risks and assists in adopting and execution of hedging policy. Prodware have connected your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Managements’ key purchase, sales and project data with the Hedgewiz risk management platform to develop a currency hedging strategy.

Organizations need to understand the full impact of your global supply chain and customer base. Dealing with multiple currencies in import and export means that your exposure to markets volatility is greater. Spending time calculating your exposure and building a hedging approach using spreadsheets wastes time and does not allow you to keep on top of market fluctuations.

With Hedgewiz, businesses like yours can understand and manage currency exposures so you can focus on delivering operational excellence.

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Hedgewiz for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management helps global businesses to manage their currency risk, protect your bottom line and enable growth

BENEFITS – Hedgewiz

Improved insight & control

Helps financial directors to identify and manage the company’s currency risk, increase certainty and support growth. Design a tailored hedging plan according to needs, business model and risk aversion.

Improved efficiency & productivity

Reduces hedging burden, saves time and improves compliance and control. Eliminates mistakes by replacing spreadsheets with an automated solution. Focus on strategy instead of complex files maintenance.

Boosts accuracy & profits

Hedgewiz saves hedging costs based on accurate market data. Plus, with your operational data being fed directly into the platform with the Prodware connector for Finance & Operations, your hedging decisions are kept super relevant.

Easier and more informed decision-making

Are you involved in multi-local, multi-currency supply chain operations? Monitor and create clear and transparent management reporting to assure supervision and control over hedging process.

FEATURES – Hedgewiz

Innovative AI Analytics technology

Visualize FX exposures based on business data. Hedgewiz uses AI and analytic tools to design a strategy that best fits YOUR business needs.

Connecting your business data

Data from sales invoice, sales order, purchase order, purchase invoice and project modules connects with the Hedgewiz database. Set up the frequency of data exchange and the type of data you would like to take into account.

instant control of your hedging plan

The Hedgewiz online platform helps you implement your hedging plan. Cut down on admin steps and connect with FX providers to execute transactions seamlessly.

Turnkey management reporting

Generate management and accounting reports to review & share FX hedging results straight from the Hedgewiz platform.

What’s inside…

Hedgewiz - Set up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to manage type and frequency of data processing

Set up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage type and frequency of data processing

Hedgewiz - Currency hedging platform with easy to use dashboard

Currency hedging platform with easy to use dashboard

Why choose Prodware?

With thousands of customers that we have helped in finance and operational functions, Prodware’s global experience in ERP technologies means that we can match our Microsoft Dynamics expertise with innovative apps such as Hedgewiz to further boost your growth strategies and reduce risks.
We are an international company present in 13 countries across the EMEA region allowing our customers to benefit from a local service supported by a global infrastructure.

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