Enhancing Employee Efficiency

The right talent for a talented organization

The skills and expertise of your teams are essential in driving the best performance and operational efficiency levels but having the right tools is just as essential.

Dynamics 365 for Talent is a modern and efficient HR solution bringing together the strategic operations of your organization which are HR, IT, people, analytics and business. Attract and retain the right talent to meet the company’s objectives.

Productivité collaborateur, outils de collaboration

Collaboration tools

Collaboration tools and applications make team work easier. Being able to work together in real time strengthens ties within the team and makes for better productivity and cooperation overall. There are different types of collaboration tools such as project management, customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning.

Productivité collaborateur, mobilité et productivité

Improving productivity through mobility

Mobility in today’s digitalized world is a no brainer. But choosing the right tools to enable this work mode is not always that simple. Mobility can lead to better productivity if your employees are using the rights tools. Furthermore, employees expect to have the same tools at work as they do at home making mobility unavoidable in the professional landscape.

Productivité collaborateur, regroupez vos équipes et ressources

Bringing your teams and resources together

What better than a platform that allows you to collaborate through conversation, meetings, file and application sharing ? You can make it possible for your employees to stay connected accessing their content, saving and sharing their files.

Productivité collaborateur, travaillez en réseau


Change is the new constant and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. What if you were connected to everything that’s important at work? Connected to every document, person and activity that mattered? With Office 365, you and your team can exchange ideas, get the latest information and quickly adapt.

Productivité collaborateur, connectez-vous à vos interlocuteurs

Staying connected

Stay connected with your coworkers and keep working with integrated business class email. Access your emails, your contacts and share your calendar anywhere with Outlook Mobile or on your PC or Mac.

Productivité collaborateur, organisez des réunions plus efficaces

Setting up more productive meetings

A single click is all it takes to set up a new meeting. Whether you are part of the orgnization or not you can join a meeting online from any device. High-definiton video, screen sharing, instant messaging and real-time note taking help make meetings more productive.

Why Prodware

We have been around for 30 years and have acquired the expertise and experience in helping businesses drive transformation projects. We develop and deploy industry-specific solutions based on Microsoft technology. Our expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation help us provide the solutions and services you need to meet the challenges of your industry while gaining that sustainable competitive edge for your business.

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