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Michiel Groeneveld General Manager Prodware NL

Michiel Groeneveld is the new General Manager of Prodware Netherlands. Hij is the sucessor of Rob Sanders who has been the General Manager for the past five years. Michiel Groeneveld is no stranger to Prodware and to the Dutch market. He has a strong track record in his roles as IMS lead of Prodware NL and as Business Development Director, Western Europe. For his introduction we asked him three questions about his new role.

What is your mission?

Michiel: “We are a People Company with a “Customer First” mentality driven by our core values: boldness, passion and trust. The core of our business is to ensure that the why of the customer is at the center of what we do, but we know we can only achieve this value for our customers and partners if we bring the same values into every part of our organization. My mission is to create an environment that encourages our people to explore, excel and grow, which will also lead to our customers benefitting from a unique engagement with us.”

How does this journey look like?

Michiel: “As we all know, especially in recent years, we are living in an ever-changing world which also means that not only do our customers need to evolve but we must also do so with them. We could of course, talk certifications, solutions, offers etc. but I believe our strength resides not only in the uniqueness of our portfolio, but in making our customers, in their entirety, pivotal to our engagements so that we can ensure we not only support their current needs but also accompany them in whatever direction they evolve in the future. We strongly believe that being able to add a strong engagement in addition to the Microsoft portfolio and our experience as transformation partner can make the difference.”

What energizes you in this mission?

Michiel: “Heading into this journey there are two key cornerstones for me: motion and thriving. Setting such a process in motion is a challenge that pushes me to bring the best out of myself, but also lays the ground for my second driving force which is to see the people around me being able to thrive, sometimes even beyond their own expectations. Being able to bring this kind of environment to life and see where we, as a team, can take it is what really fuels me.”

Bertrand Launay

Bertrand Launay, Corporate Vice President of Prodware Group says about this: “I am honored to welcome our newest General Manager, Michiel Groeneveld for The Netherlands. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Michiel has been with Prodware for 4 years and has been a valuable contributor to Prodware Group in many areas and he has shown exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of our industry with a proven track record. His hard work and dedication have earned him this well deserved promotion effective since early December 2022. I am confident Michiel will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.”

About Michiel Groeneveld

During his career, Michiel has held several international management positions both in delivery and sales. In recent years, within Prodware Michiel has been a member of the leadership team of Western Europe, where he mainly focused on strategy, international strategic customers, operationally managing Prodware’s global partner network (DynamicsPact) and driving transformation of Prodware Netherlands’ on-premises infrastructure department to the Cloud (Azure & Modern Workplace).