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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sector specific CRM for Mergers & Acquisitions activity

Mergers and Acquisitions is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, used by investment banking organizations and M&A practices in legal, real estate and consultancy firms. The tailored CRM for Mergers and Acquisition process helps management and commercial teams improve the pitch to closed deal process; keep on top of changes within clients and prospects and removes administrative barriers to keep competitive.

With this solution, your Mergers and Acquisitions companies can grow without administrative barriers, your teams can store and share information, your client and prospect data can be secure, and your colleagues be up and running quickly whilst collaborating and becoming more productive.

With Mergers & Acquisitions CRM you can manage your Mergers and Acquisition process from pitch to closed deal, efficiently and effectively.

Mergers & Aquisitions process

BENEFITS – Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Powerful management monitoring and business intelligence

Through the intuitive Microsoft enabled reporting and monitoring tools such as dashboards, reports, charts, views, dynamic Excel and Power BI analytics, managers can achieve a real-time view of business KPIs.

Ideas and pitches management

Manage generated ideas and convert them to pitches in progress, allowing bankers to have a clear view of the state of advancement with each one of the counterparts. Adapt the selection process according to specific deal characteristics; leading to better pipeline management and visibility.

holistic customer relationships

Because you have Accounts and Contacts within your database you can manage your organization’s level and type of contact strategy from ideas to pitches to deal management. The account 360 view helps users see associated pitches, meeting notes, and affiliated companies to benefit from a full comprehensive view.

Boost productivity

Productivity and best practice is facilitated via automatic alerts and notifications at milestones, preparation of the Conflict File on deal creation, signature of the mandate and the announcement of the deal to the market.

As secure as your clients expect

Built on a strong and customizable Microsoft security model that gives your employees access only to the accounts, tasks, pitches and deals that they are entitled to.

FEATURES – Mergers and Acquisitions

Power BI analytics

Prodware have created specific M&A built-in reports that surface trends of the pipe, conversion ratios of pitches, repartition of the account install base, various financial statistics coming from deals in progress and signed deals.

Best practice workflows

Ideas are entered by any user and pass through a qualification process bar. Mature Ideas are promoted to Pitches from where you can prepare the pitch – researching the target company, scheduling appointments, whilst storing and sharing information internally

Configuration and personalization

Mergers and Acquisitions functionality enables users to configure new fields, change the layout of forms and views, modify picklist values, create pre-defined queries and build brand-new reports.

Meeting Notes

The Meeting Notes accelerator functionality helps users complete summaries of client visits on the go, setting next steps and allowing colleagues to view progress and meeting minutes in real time.

Native integration with daily tools and mobile

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and mobile; users can sync emails, tasks and appointments; accessing and carrying out their work wherever they need it.

Multiple device accessibility

Mergers and Acquisitions is accessible from phones and tablets operating on IOS, Android and Windows systems.

What’s inside…

Mergers & Acquisitions: Deals analysis with split by sector account type and key KPIs

Deals analysis with split by sector account type and key KPIs

Mergers & Acquisitions: Deals by estimated closing time to analyze efficiency and agility in sales cycles

Deals by estimated closing time to analyze efficiency and agility in sales cycles

Mergers and Acquisitions Pitches Analysis and KPI performance

Pitches analysis and KPI performance

Mergers and Acquisitions Starting the idea and pitch process

Starting the idea and pitch process

Mergers and Acquisitions Workflow step showing counterparts on an existing deal

Workflow step showing counterparts on an existing deal

Mergers and Acquisitions Business overview for management teams

Business overview for management teams

Mergers and Acquisitions Customer Hierarchy for a holistic view

Customer Hierarchy for a holistic view

Mergers & Acquisitions: Deals evolution by sector to understand focus

Deals evolution by sector to understand focus


The following accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement are included in the solution:

Meeting Notes

Companies lacking administrative processes surrounding client interactions and meetings, face challenges such as lack of follow up, duplication of effort, loss of information and lack of sharing of key information across the company, resulting in a frustrating customer experience. This accelerator helps by reflecting commercial client interactions directly within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales app.
Meeting Notes stores all the relevant information, including when the communication with a client happened, who was involved, a brief summary, what was the proposed solution and what are the next actions to be taken, ensuring that information is kept and shared across the business.


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We are an international company present in 13 countries across the EMEA region allowing our customers to benefit from a local service supported by a global infrastructure.

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