Wealth Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Wealth Management

Achieve a holistic view of your client potential to boost investments and customer loyalty

Wealth managers, life insurance experts and private bankers will benefit from the specific functionalities for your sector.
Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Wealth Management helps by combining market-leading CRM software with tailored features you need in this competitive industry.
It addresses the need for increased productivity in AWMs and Relationship Managers, the need to integrate external data, smoother and more efficient onboarding, connected middle and back offices, plus enhanced KYC processes.

Wealth Management functionality

BENEFITS – Wealth Management services

Identify client potential and personalize your service

Easily surface financial situation of members and view potential in the pipeline. Achieve a holistic view of your customers with 360-degree analytics, categorize their profiles in order to set priorities and provide the appropriate package.

Optimize portfolio management

Quickly understand the global assets of your clients and their groups, with graphical views of AUM (assets under management) and split of the validated/ estimated patrimony by asset types.

Boost internal productivity

Best practice workflows guide your teams in order to build relationships, onboard clients and drive opportunities in an appropriate and timely manner.

CAPABILITIES – Wealth Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales methodes de vente plus intelligentes

Strategic and operational client management

The solution brings together all information about each member’s net worth and potential, whilst providing graphs that gather essential data such as portfolio spread and revenue generated for your organization. Configure your system to set up your own key areas such as asset types and countries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales relations authentiques et personnelles

Supplement your client intelligence

Successful private banking organizations integrate their own business data with external information sources to analyze and predict the impact of news events across their client portfolios. Use the Data Connector to bring your multiple back end systems into Microsoft Dynamics 365 with easy mapping, update scheduling and error processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service connaissances unifiées

Maintain your client offering and align users

Meeting their needs by bringing top class products and services will keep customers satisfied. Wealth Management allows you to create and control your own Solution Catalog with corresponding charges.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Simplified profile management

Set up profiles to make recommendations for the portfolio based on goals and risk tolerance to fit business goals. A risk profile is an evaluation of an individual’s willingness and ability to take risks, it can also refer to the threats to which an organization is exposed. A risk profile is important for determining a proper investment asset allocation for a portfolio.

Wealth Management asset management

Asset management

Streamline how you set up and manage assets, which includes stocks, bonds, real estate of investors. To further reduce administration, when a new asset is created for a contact or a company, the system automatically recalculates the potential, the AUM, the validated amount and the estimated amount for the customer and for its group.

FEATURES – Wealth Management

All you need to run your wealth management operation:

Assets overview

(Solution catalog, opportunities and Know your Customer information)

Onboarding process

Group view

(of family members or members of a group)

Risk profile

Clients’ potential

Partner commissions and company charges calculations

Back end data connector for other system feeds

Advanced insights and analytics

What’s inside…

Wealth management an asset type view

An Asset Type

Wealth management a solution family view

A Solution Family

Wealth management a solution view

A Solution

Wealth management a profile view

A Profile

Wealth management a company view

A Company

Wealth management group of companies view

A Group of Companies

Wealth management group view of Potential, AUM, Patrimony and Opportunities

Group View of Potential, AUM, Patrimony and Opportunities

Wealth management landing page

A Landing Page example


The following Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales accelerators are also included in the functionality:

Meeting Notes

Organize and structure your notes of all relevant client interactions in your Wealth Management system. Talk to your phone to record the summary of your meeting. Users can speak to their mobile and the summary of the meeting is recorded in the Meeting Note. Fully integrated with Outlook, it allows you to create a Meeting Note directly from an appointment. Accessible anywhere – use the Meeting Notes app whilst off-line so you can capture your actions on the road.


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Landing Page

It boosts the personalized dashboard and user role functionality of your Wealth Management solution. To help improve user adoption, users can quickly access the key entities that matter to your business, with an easy to use and modern interface. Landing Page is configurable at organization level and is flexible in terms of entities, labels, actions, links and imagery.


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