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Microsoft Dynamics 365

GRÄPER-GRUPPE chooses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service & SharePoint Online

Gräper has been around for more than 100 years employing more than 600 employees. We manufacture transformer substations across 6 sites in Europe, power supply components that are essential in delivering energy. In addition to the developing, production and installation of the equipment we also provide repair, maintenance & optimization services for our customers.

We wanted to systematically develop and professionalize these services as a new business activity available to our customers. We therefore created a new and innovative entity, and needed for this, modern IT solutions. Until now, data couldn’t be accessed remotely with data being stored locally on different sites. As is often the case in companies with a long history, there was still a mot of data processed manually. Many processes still needed a lot of structuring and needed to be improved. Just like start-ups, we didn’t really know where this journey would take us. So we were looking for a CRM solution that was quick to deploy and scalable providing solutions to problems we didn’t know about at the time. After a short but intense selection phase, we chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and SharePoint Online. We were convinced that employees needed to access the data anytime and anywhere. This applied to both field technicians and colleagues in the back office. What was crucial for us was that the integration be seamlessly conducted with our existing infrastructure. We were very confident in Prodware, our partner, with their impressive track record and years of experience serving customers in our industry. With new business opportunities come new challenges. .Not only has Microsoft Dynamics helped Gräper to make processes more modern and efficient, but with the support of Prodware, it has also participated in its development by helping to define and develop processes. Transferring an employee’s years of experience into software is not easy. Dynamics 365 helps us in the planning of installers, who can view the installation history on a mobile base, directly through the application. It is particularly important that each employee also gets access to the same data. This greatly improves our communication and reduces potential errors. Once we have gained enough experience with this new software solution, we will be able to consider its use in other divisions of the company. In this way, the entire group will benefit from digital transformation.

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