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CEO leading the digital revolution

Digital transformation is an incredible growth and development opportunity. Anticipating the “going digital” momentum is strategic with a major focus on all issues related to data security which has become a central concern. Solutions to drive that transformation while fending off cyberattacks are essential.

Direction Generale CEO mutation et nouvelles technologies

Transformation & New Technologies

“Going digital” has become an inevitable priority and strategy. New technologies such as artificial intelligence play a pivotal role in the digitization process while also adding a differentiating factor conducive to driving strong and sustainable growth.

86% of CEOs consider “going digital” as their top priority

Executives believe that technology will transform their business more than any market trend.

Source: PWD CEO Survey

The CEO’s digital transformation roadmap

Digital transformation will affect your business in several ways:

  • Need for strategic mid-term and long-term planning
  • Need to meet your revenue goals
  • Developing an ambitious human ressource program
  • Optimizing business processes
  • Developing agile and customer-centric sales strategies
  • Fast-paced and changing markets
  • Complex competitive landscapes
  • Reducing costs
  • Maximizing profits
  • Increasing margins
  • Real-time dynamic dashboards covering all activities
  • Reliable data for advanced market insights, market knowledge and informed decision making
  • Reliable and disruptive tools and solutions to support and secure the company’s growth paths and evolutions

How can we help you

With our business consulting practice advising you on the technologies and processes that best cater to your market sector.

By helping you make more informed decisions with dynamic dashboards for accurate market and business insights (real-time access to data, predictive analytics, forecasting…).

With tools and solutions to foster and build an ambitious HR program attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent (Dynamics 365 for Talent).

By rethinking your internal processes for more collaboration and better employee productivity (Office 365, Dynamics 365 for Marketing).

By enhancing your overall operations with the most advanced and secure cloud-based technologies (Azure).  

Why choose Prodware?

For more than 30 years now, Prodware has been building value and purpose for its customers fully grasping and leveraging all the technology advances and breakthroughs. We leverage Microsoft’s disruptive technologies by designing unique vertical offerings that meet your industry’s business challenges while giving your company a competitive edge. We support you all along your digital transformation journey with our holistic end-to-end value proposition.

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