Power BI pour le retail

Turn data into insight to drive your retail business

Retailers need to attract new customers, engage and retain existing customers and increase profitability per customer. To do this they need to make the right strategic decisions, improve customer experience and develop operational efficiency..

Based on Microsoft Power BI technology, BI for Retail provides users with quick and easy access to a comprehensive set of reports directly from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail user interface; with no change needed in your infrastructure.

Power BI for Retail



Simply plug and play, effortless reporting with no development and no unforeseen costs. Grouping, filtering, and cross-comparison criteria across the reporting set with an intuitive interface.

Fully integrated business visibility

The reports surface the data already held within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail system into pre-configured reports that we know matter most to you, and address multiple analysis needs across the business.

Discover problems and explore opportunities

Each of the 17 dashboards contain multiple panels, so your teams can spot high level trends and then explore the detail in order to address issues or exploit positive outcomes.


Amélioration de l'efficacité opérationnelle

Improved operational efficiency

Understanding the performance from current resources available and where priorities should be placed for maximum return, is key. Discovering bottlenecks, inefficiencies and opportunities for growth can be derived from your retail business data. For example, the ability to keep on top of stores’ performance each day, comparing stores with one another, purchase analysis by store, terminal and basket etc.

Prendre les bonnes décisions

Make the right decisions

By surfacing their business data in easily digestible reporting across the business, teams can explore the detail to highlight trends and support their decision making in order to minimize problems and maximize opportunities. The out of the box reports explore the retail business from different angles, whether it is by store, by customer, by employee, by product or promotion.

Renforcer le potentiel des équipes dans l’ensemble de l’entreprise

Empower teams across the business

Whether your staff are in head office or in one of your stores, their perspective is catered for with the suite of reports. Imagine the Merchandising team who can keep pace (and plan ahead!) with customer demand via the promotion analysis, promotion impact analysis and customer analysis information.

Bonnes pratiques dans tous les magasins

Best practice across all stores

Foster best practice among Store Managers who can access and benchmark their performance on a daily basis and compare purchasing behaviors across customer types, payment methods and promotions. Each Store Manager can also make informed decisions to support their teams with the analyzed data by staff member and by terminal.

Offrir une excellente expérience client

Deliver great customer experiences

In order to provide personalized, seamless experiences to customers, you must first understand their behaviors and preferences. Retailers can dive into detail such as basket analysis, shared customers by store, identified vs new customers etc. in order to better engage with the right customers at the right time.

What’s inside…

Filtrage flexible pour une analyse personnalisée

Flexible filtering for custom analysis

Comparer la performance et la contribution du magasin

Compare store performance and contribution

Analyse des données de vente par jour et par heure de transaction

Store sales data by day and transaction time

Classement et performance du personnel

Staff rankings and performance

Vue sur l’impact des rabais et des promotions

View impact of discounts and promotions

Analyser le comportement des clients par vente, magasin et produit

Analyze customer behavior by sales, store and product

Why choose Prodware?

Retailers want to measure business performance with minimal disruption to operations. At Prodware, we help customers from all over the world to turn their data into insights. That experience, plus our in-depth understanding of the retail sector, have allowed us to produce this out-of-the-box solution. BI for Retail has been developed with efficiency, productivity and growth in mind. Talk to us about transforming the data you already hold.

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