Discrete Manufacturing

Boost your productivity and meet customer demands

Respond to modern customer and supplier needs and handle complexities in your production processes. Fully integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations; it helps manufacturing companies by providing enhanced functionalities and robust overview of R&D, production, finance and service areas. Better visibility of these areas has a direct impact on cost control and manufacturing agility.

The solution is available as either Base or Advanced, depending on your functional needs.

Wholesale and Distribution



When you streamline your operations and adopt best practice in product management, you can respond to the needs of customers in a more agile way.

Optimized supply chain management

By integrating your partners and suppliers deeper within your manufacturing operations, communication is improved, barriers are removed and go to market is quicker.


The end to end solution is used across the organization, so all functional areas are improved with better collaboration, automation and control of repeated tasks and deeper integration across teams.


Prodware Discrete Manufacturing gestion stratégique et opérationnelle

Strategic and operational management

Maintain a single view across the business with client, product & logistics hierarchies. Increase employee productivity through automation of manual tasks and optimization, with functionality such as EDI, Transit automation, Item life cycle, Sales kit management and Rebate management.

Prodware Discrete Manufacturing création d'excellentes expériences client

Create excellent customer experiences

Achieve a holistic view of the customer relationship, identify trends and adopt best practice.
Gives you the tools to deliver optimal customer experiences with fast order entry and accurate pricing information, picking and sales kits preparation.

Prodware Discrete Manufacturing une supply chain simplifiée

Streamlined supply chain

Boost stock control with warehouse management functionality that integrates with the rest of your business to inform sales and procurement. Streamline and optimize supplies, management of price discounts, royalties, promotions and invoicing integration. Automate vendor performance evaluation. Control logistics overheads with the transport cost management functionality. Trade agreements in place (rate decrease by level and by customer).

Prodware Discrete Manufacturing meilleures pratiques de gestion des produits

Product management best practice

From product creation to end-of-life, generate traceability via an audit trail of all data modification and inputs. Simplify your BOM management with a framework and process for version changes of released products. Improve visibility and productivity by tightening the integration of production processes, product and category management and quality inspections.


The Base pack includes functionalities that boost standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations:

Expense management by level

Referencing customer and vendor

BOM journal with sales order line

Set up “Ready to invoice”

Batch & serial number creation

Launch picking – picking condition


Item Lockup on sales and purchase order

Memo-Item, Customer & vendor

Manage and initialize variants

Franco port & mini order


Close sales order automatically

What’s inside…

Retrospective discounts with Rebate

Manage delivery variety with Transport Cost

Control products with Item Life Cycle

Cash flow visibility with Cash In / Out


The following Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations accelerators are also included in the Base pack:

PO Quantity Allotment

Organizations who need flexibility in how they split purchase order requests, find it frustrating with too much manual intervention in repeatable and timed PO administration. The accelerator helps by saving distribution rules by vendor, creating automatic distribution in post-MRP processes, and allowing users to manually launch planned orders using the rules in place.

Item Life Cycle

The accelerator helps to organize, control and simplify data input, plus generate traceability via an audit trail of all data modification and inputs.


Transport Cost

This additional functionality is useful if the transport cost of goods sold have a big impact on your business, or if you need to manage free of charge deliveries or would like to manage the mixture of free and chargeable transport costs in your sales processes.

Sales Kits

The accelerator helps by; working with BOM assemblies and product lines in Dynamics, it allows the user to prepare the “kit” at the point of order and take the components out of stock immediately. At the same time, the “kit” can be added directly into the customer’s order.


The accelerator applies retrospective discounts via credit notes at the end of the financial period, identifying different rebate contracts with different percentage levels, dynamic generation of provisions attached to financial transactions and contracts and identification of invoices that fall within rebate contract frameworks.

Vendor Auto Evaluation

The manual entry of data in standard Dynamics 365 to assess supplier performance can slow down productivity, the Vendor Auto Evaluation accelerator helps by automatically feeding relevant fields from operational transactions, to assess selected vendors’ performance based on multiple criteria.


Transit Automation

The accelerator follows a purchase’s physical progress aligned with Incoterms. In other words, to split a purchase in three steps: 1. Receipt of the goods in the system as soon as the organization owns the goods. This receipt will be document-based (example: customs agent via bill of lading, packing list…). 2. Registering goods in transit during transportation. 3. Physical receipt of the goods at the final place of delivery.

In addition to the Base pack functionalities, the Advanced Pack contains the following Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations accelerators:

Production Order Consolidation

The accelerator helps manufacturers’ productivity and accuracy, by recovering grouping criteria when POs are created; attributes of the launched Product, attributes of the components of the Production Order BOM (if can be inherited from the BOM) and attributes of Production Order range lines.

Cash In Out

Achieve better cash flow visibility and control within your projects and sub-projects. The accelerator provides a projection of cash inputs and outputs on a project over time and to earn revenue with cash flow optimization.

Item Versioning

The accelerator helps manufacturing companies by centralizing escalation requests for item changes, providing a framework and process for version changes of released products and the ability to store tasks and allow notifications of changes throughout the organization.


First Article Inspection

Achieve quality standards throughout your product inspection cycles without productivity loss. The accelerator identifies the certification on the released product, with delay and type validation, blocks the process if the product certification is out of date and produces a list of out of date released products.


Why choose Prodware ?

We are ScoreFact certified on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. As leaders in digital transformation, our approach as a trusted advisor for our clients helps you match leading technologies with business realities, to meet the challenges of your sector. We create sector-specific solutions to answer to your needs with best practice in mind. Discover how Discrete Manufacturing for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations can transform the way you do business.

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