Wholesale & Distribution

Improve customer service and your ROI

The Prodware Wholesale & Distribution solution is a vertical solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This solution helps you provide great customer service, protect your margins and stand out from your competitors. Its host of features optimize the entire supply chain guaranteeing smooth operational efficiency from stock management right through to order intake.

Wholesale and Distribution


Boost stock control

With warehouse management functionality that integrates with the rest of your business to inform sales, finance and procurement.

deliver optimal customer experiences

With fast order entry and accurate pricing information.

boost productivitY

Minimize manual intervention throughout the organization by automating repetitive tasks.


Wholesale and Distribution gestion bout-en-bout

End-to-end management

Simplify the end-to-end management process of your supply chain covering customers, products or supplier data repositories. Tighten integration of your supply chain information flow using Channel Organization and Rebate Management functionalities.

Wholesale and Distribution entrepôt et gestion des stocks

Warehouse & stock control

Boost stock control with Warehouse Management Functionality (WMS) that integrates with the rest of your business to inform sales, finance and procurement. Deliver optimal customer experiences with fast order entry and accurate pricing information.

Wholesale and Distribution automatisation


Minimize manual intervention throughout the organization by automating repetitive tasks. Boost your productivity with functionalities like EDI, Transit Automation, Items Life Cycle and Sales Kit Management for a fully enhanced ERP.


Improved strategic management & operational activity

Maintain a single view across the business with client, product & logistics hierarchies.

Increased control of supplier policies

Streamline and optimize supplies, management of price discounts, royalties, promotions and invoicing integration.

Better management of customers and distribution networks

Achieve a holistic view of the customer relationship, identify trends, and adapt best practices.

More control on purchasing and supply processes

Integration of inventory, sales and financial information for improved information flow.

Supply chain optimization

Control logistics overheads with the transport cost management functionality.

Enhanced planning to improve customer service

Pricing statistical cascades managed and viewed in order entry (gross/net).

Optimal productivity

Increase employee productivity through automization of manual tasks and optimization of fast order preparation.

Improved financial visibility

Control cash-flow and margins. Forecast sales and budgets with MRP and CBN integration working with minimum, maximum and average parameters for compliance.

What’s inside


Search Attributes

Search Attributes helps by providing new query tools to find a product or a released product on the standard forms (product and released product, sales order, sales quotation, purchase order), plus attributes management by variant and attributes management by category to more easily find the right attribute.

Item Life Cycle

The accelerator helps to organize, control and simplify data input, plus generate traceability via an audit trail of all data modification and inputs.


PO Quantity Allotment

Organizations who need flexibility in how they split purchase order requests, find it frustrating with too much manual intervention in repeatable and timed PO administration. The accelerator helps by saving distribution rules by vendor, creating automatic distribution in post-MRP processes, and allowing users to manually launch planned orders using the rules in place.

Sales Kits

The accelerator helps by; working with BOM assemblies and product lines in Dynamics, it allows the user to prepare the “kit” at the point of order and take the components out of stock immediately. At the same time, the “kit” can be added directly into the customer’s order.


The accelerator applies retrospective discounts via credit notes at the end of the financial period, identifying different rebate contracts with different percentage levels, dynamic generation of provisions attached to financial transactions and contracts and identification of invoices that fall within rebate contract frameworks.

Vendor Auto Evaluation

The manual entry of data in standard Dynamics 365 to assess supplier performance can slow down productivity, the Vendor Auto Evaluation accelerator helps by automatically feeding relevant fields from operational transactions, to assess selected vendors’ performance based on multiple criteria.


Transmit Automation

The accelerator follows a purchase’s physical progress aligned with Incoterms. In other words, to split a purchase in three steps: 1. Receipt of the goods in the system as soon as the organization owns the goods. This receipt will be document-based (example: customs agent via bill of lading, packing list…). 2. Registering goods in transit during transportation. 3. Physical receipt of the goods at the final place of delivery.

Why choose Prodware?

As a certified Microsoft Gold partner, Prodware has been recognized as a leading enabler of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions across Europe in the Wholesale & Distribution industry. With more than 30 years’ experience on the market we have honed and developed industry-specific expertise supporting you through your transformation journey turning market challenges into sustainable growth opportunities.

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