Chief Operating Officer

Bringing together employees, processes and customers     

The COO bridges the gap

Digital transformation has the Chief Operating Officer rethinking his contribution to the business. His strategic role within the organization is to build and gain momentum between employees and sales operations or between customers and back-office operations. In both cases the COO plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Digital transformation mentor

With the adoption of more and more innovation and new technology-centric strategies, companies across all industries, are eagerly trying to attract COOs that understand the big digital transformation “picture”. Those COOs that can assess and analyze the organizational needs and find the solutions that cater to those needs.
It is also up to the COO to make sure that these new solutions foster a team building collaboration model unleashing more productivity and market intelligence for the company.

How we can help you


By optimizing your budget forecasting for increased business responsiveness

By modernizing your supply chain with data turned into powerful business insights

By empowering your employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience

By leveraging your hidden data to unleash value and gain a competitive edge


By optimizing your manufacturing facilities

By enhancing your operations and production processes

By transforming all your operations

By providing more supply chain visibility

Customer service

By turning your service centres into profit centres

By enhancing customer experience with multichannel support and self-service

By reducing costs while delivering better service

By creating service offerings that generate new revenue streams and higher profit margins

Why choose Prodware?

For more than 30 years now, Prodware has been building value and purpose for its customers fully grasping and leveraging all the technology advances and breakthroughs. We leverage Microsoft’s disruptive technologies by designing unique vertical offerings that meet your industry’s business challenges while giving your company a competitive edge. We support you all along your digital transformation journey with our holistic end-to-end value proposition.

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