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Reindustrialize Relocate La Tribune Article
28 April 2021
Alain Conrard
Prodware CEO
Reindustrializing, relocating…the path to political innovation?
La Tribune
Ludovic Blaisonneau IT Social
News article
4 August 2022
Ludovic Blaisonneau
Dynamics 365 Business Central Business Director
Understanding & overcoming the new breadth of IT systems
IT Social
Cyrille Duvivier
27 May 2021
Cyrille Duvivier
Customer Care Strategic Director
The IT system has to support the business and ward off the new potential risks and threats
Global Security Mag
David Benguigui Prodware
News article
27 May 2021
David Benguigui
Social Media and Content Management Director
NFT: Marketing Bliss or Marketing Mine Field?
CB News
Christophe Linsolas Prodware
News article
28 May 2021
Christophe Linsolas
Director of Customer Care Western Europe
Stability and agility, two sides of the same coin: that of digital transformation
Solutions Numériques
Forbes Alain Conrard - A New Take on Innovation
Looking for the WOW Effect in Customer Experience - Eytan Hattem thumbnail
Taking the Plunge! A Different Take on Innovation thumbnail
3 March 2020

IT Showcase Leeds 2020

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