Industrie semi-process

Semi-process Industry

Facing new challenges

Faced with the constraints of an increasingly competitive market, players in the Semi-Process industry, whatever sector they are in, need to be at the forefront of innovation and adapt their business to be customer-centric.

Complex multi-site processes, access to the right information in real time, quality management, formula/recipe management, correct documentation of components, traceability and the constant monitoring of local legislation, often at international level, are among the most important challenges facing the business.

Our business expertise

regulation compliance

Dispose appropriate procedures to comply with the relevant regulations (EMA, GMP, FDA…) and centralize the documentation required to comply with the audit in a timely manner.

production continuity

Limit plant downtime with predictive maintenance and more efficient management of assets.

product personalization

Centralized product management, independent of the presentation format, both at design level and in production and logistics.

relationship management

Interact with all the actors in the value chain (medical, commercial, etc.) through all channels.

quality assurance

Anticipate possible incidents with an adequate quality management and available tools to recover items in poor condition.

real-time data

Check the information you need updated in real time and make the right decisions at all times.

Disruptive scenarios

Smart factories and automated production

IoT enables manufacturers to seamlessly integrate previously discrete segments of production. Interconnected automated production processes enables unprecedented levels of optimization and efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Companies will save time and money as their IoT-enabled equipment undertakes self-maintenance and alerts managers to developments. Along with substantial material cost savings, this will reduce equipment downtime, maintenance planning time, and overall maintenance costs.

automated inventory management

Connectivity and smart warehouses will revolutionize the way manufacturers capture and utilize key data, including offering richer insights into the status of their inventory and supply chains.

How can we help you

Prodware business solutions and end-to-end project services focus on enabling manufacturers to achieve more with their businesses—from streamlining existing processes and products to delivering new services and transforming business models.

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