Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

BI for Business Central

Turn data into insight to support your financial health

Getting a bird’s-eye view of your business finances is not easy – with a lot of data to track and many variables to consider. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is optimized for operational day-to-day work rather than analysis to support decision-making.

Our advanced finance analytics solution is the answer, natively integrated with your Dynamics 365 Business Central application, surfacing real data from your day-to-day operations with an additional layer of business intelligence using Microsoft Power BI.

BI for Business Central includes a set of dashboards to meet your needs, with various data panels (more than 120 in total) covering different financial areas.

BI for Business Central can be accessed from inside your Dynamics 365 Business Central application. No need for additional software or switching applications.

Your operational system and your reports, side by side.

BENEFITS – BI for Business Central

Make the right strategic choices

Understand your business, your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth; to make the correct moves and gain a competitive edge.

Put data at the core of your decision-making

Avoid guesswork and base your plans on clear and up-to-date information.

Improve your operational efficiency

Forget about waiting days or weeks to get the report you need. It’s already there.

Make your analysts’ lives easier

Instead of having them manipulate endless spreadsheets, empower them to produce business value with the information they need just one click away.

FEATURES – BI for Business Central

More than 100 panels, tables and KPIs are covered by BI for Business Central:

Balance sheet

Overall financial situation of your company including budget


Summary of profit and losses for your business


All your invoices by company and time period

Working capital

Financial resources to carry out your activities in the short and medium term


Calculate how solvent your business is and its capability to fulfil its obligations


An analysis of upcoming debt and how much debt your business is supporting


Your business capacity to generate profits from capital


Calculate your business’ operating margin


Payment and revenue rotation and average time to collect and process payments

What’s inside…

Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central home menu

The home menu of BI for Business Central

Why choose Prodware?

At Prodware, we help hundreds of Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV customers from all over the world to turn their data into insights to support financial management. That experience led us to produce this out-of-the-box solution. Talk to us about transforming the data you already hold to make the right financial decisions in an easy way.

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