Safe Record

Secure your data and transactions

Securing your transactions and data is extremely important and strategic to protect your business but not always that simple to implement efficiently. Safe Record helps by making your Office 365 subscription as secure as possible with personalized analysis, training and configuration assistance.

Safe record key points

BENEFITS – Safe Record


Protecting your messaging environment against malware.


Manage the different accesses and permissions of each user and receive alerts about suspicious entries.


Creation of an additional mailbox of unlimited size where a mirror copy of the inbox is kept as backup.

Capabilities – Safe Record

Filtrage de la boîte de réception et analyse sécuritaire

Tightened security for your emails

The configurator of Exchange Online Protection guarantees message filtering protecting your organization from malicious emails. Moreover, the Exchange Advanced Threat Protection helps by preventing your system from being compromised by unknown threats.

Cryptage des courriels et des pièces jointes

Encryption of emails and attached documents

Protect and mitigate the risk of data loss and unintended disclosure of emails through encryption and rights protection. The administrator of the account will be able to filter based on different parameters to keep control of the information no matter the circumstances.

Gestion des accès et des identités

Identity access management

With Azure Active Directory, you can manage the access and permissions of each user of your company and receive alerts about suspicious entries.

Copie de votre boîte de réception

Mirror copy of your inbox

Creation of an additional mailbox of unlimited size where a mirror copy of the inbox is kept as backup. With Legal Hold you can also access a user’s message history.

FEATURES – Safe Record


Security dashboard for centralized management.

Cloud-based protection

Cloud-based email protection for online and on-premise users.


Reporting, alerts and remediation.

Time-of-click protection against malicious URLs

Protect your messaging environment against malware.


Identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and threats.


Integration with AAD groups; user activity and IP address drill down experiences.


Enhanced anti-phishing capabilities (fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information).


Understand the security state and risks across resources.

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