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Baril Coatings is a producer of coatings and paints. Ranging from steel construction and industry to paints for construction and the do-it-yourself markets. Everything Baril does is as sustainable as possible. Baril Coatings wants to help customers to protect their objects sustainably while reducing their global footprint. Baril Coatings is an innovative development company with all processes in-house, from research and development, production, sales to aftersales.

“To be able to realize both our sustainability ambitions and our sales ambitions, it is important that we have insight into what we do and where. That is why a switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was a precondition for us to gain really good insight into all our data.”

Baril is a growing company and that requires an increasingly data-driven organization. Baril Coatings originally comes from an on-premise ERP. This has certain advantages, but also several disadvantages. That is why they have decided to switch to a cloud-based ERP in which everything they do is always available online and anywhere in the world. Also taking into account their export partners, who represent an increasing share of their business, a cloud-based ERP makes it possible to share information and data much easier and make the partners part of their process.


The starting point for the switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was to use as many standard functionalities as possible. The Prodware project team started a workshop together with Baril Coatings, to map out what their wishes were and where they want to grow as a company. Prodware acted as a guide in this, but at the same time made Baril think about their processes in order to arrive at an ideal working environment in which they can achieve their goals.

ERP and insight

Making sustainability visible is only possible by being transparent. The switch to cloud-based ERP offers Baril the opportunity to provide much more insight into what they do, both in production and in sales and in what literally goes into that pot of paint.

Sustainability impact

Baril does not make paint with fossil raw materials but with vegetable raw materials, which means that one liter of paint can absorb approximately one kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere. Five hundred million liters of paint are used in the Netherlands every year. If all this were done with paint made from vegetable raw materials, you could absorb five hundred million kilos of CO2 in the Dutch paint industry alone. What an impact!

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