Chief Human Resources Officer

Bringing People back into the digital equation

Going digital is more about a cultural change than a technological change. On the surface it may seem to mean learning to use new digital tools, but it’s much more than that. Going digital means reshuffling your organization, management and company culture (home working, access to data, security). As a CHRO you will need to refocus on people, their new working environment, new processes and their well-being in the workplace.

Talent Management

Amid this digital storm, businesses are faced with several fundamental challenges. They need to rethink their business processes and strategy while searching for new digital-related talent. Talent acquisition is at the top of the CHRO’s to do list. Companies need the right talent to drive their digital transformation: talent that is international, open to new ideas while capable of delivering tangible results. Hiring and retaining high-potential employees who fit the bill is vital. 

According to 51% of CHROs and 62% of other CXOs, fostering employee engagement and experience is extremely important.

Employee Engagement and the Employee Experience

Today’s talent is very connected. They are well informed, tend to compare potential employers and voice their opinions. That is why tuning in to their expectations is key – building an employee engagement value proposition is the cornerstone of an adapted HR strategy.
Your role is to create and foster a professional environment that caters to the expectations of employees while also reflecting the work ethics and values they believe in. HR policies that support what employees value increases employee performance by 20%.

Technology & Talent Management

Moving forward with the all-digital business model has completely disrupted and reshuffled the traditional setups of companies with autonomous and real-time activity across the board. Open areas, instant messaging and the host of collaborative tools available have de-siloed the workplace bringing innovation to the fore.
HR has to find new ways and approaches in managing human capital within this highly-technological context. In any event, as a CHRO in this digital landscape, you now have the means to foster and drive these changes seamlessly and efficiently.

How we can help you

With a 360° holistic view of your workforce delivering an impactful employee experience and onboarding program using Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

By catering to your employees’ training needs and requests with Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Juno Journey.

In helping you build an employee engagement strategy to retain and acquire new talent with the latest Talent Management solutions.

Providing pre-configured reporting tools using Power BI to surface key employee data within Dynamics 365 Human Resources

With HR tools that provide automated and consistent employee performance appraisal processes.

By giving employees more autonomy with advanced collaborative tools such as the Office 365 suite.

Why choose Prodware?

For more than 30 years now, Prodware has been building value and purpose for its customers fully grasping and leveraging all the technology advances and breakthroughs. We leverage Microsoft’s disruptive technologies by designing unique vertical offerings that meet your industry’s business challenges while giving your company a competitive edge. We support you all along your digital transformation journey with our holistic end-to-end value proposition.

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