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Cybersecurity is a major challenge for all businesses regardless of their size or industry. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated with increasingly disasterous consequences. To protect your organisation against these threats and ensure its sustainability, it is essential to incoporate efficient cybersecurity solutions adapted to your business’ needs.

The ever-evolving digital world we live in today offers many opportunies for not only businesses, but also for cybercriminals. They know how to exploit security flaws in IT systems as well as manipulate employees to get what they want.

With impacts going well beyond business interruptions or data theft, the consequences of cyberattacks can be dramatic. Some companies are forced to close down after a cyberattack while others see their operations and image permanently altered.

In this digital era, the advent of the Cloud, remote work and the IoT, IT departments of SMBs and mid-sized companies are facing new challenges.

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Cybersecurity facts and statistics

The damage resulting from cybercrime is equivalent to a third-world economy.

Ransomware attacks occur every 10 seconds.

On average, organisations uncover their security flaws after 207 days.

Where the highest rates of cyberattacks occur: Europe 31%, America 27% and Asia 25%.

The most-targeted industries for cyberattacks: finance, insurance, manufacturing, energy, retail, and professional services.

90% of security incidents are attributed to human error.

The 5 pillars of Cybersecurity

To evaluate and reduce cyber risks, companies should focus on the following areas:​

Cybersecurity domains

Prodware Cybersecurity
solutions and services

With the digital transformation also comes the increased risk of exposed IT systems and thus more cyber threats. To help businesses manage their cyber risks, Prodware has developed a large portfolio of services from a part-time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to a full-time SOC (Security Operation Center) to manage your cyber risks 24/7. To complete these services, Prodware has fostered a network of strategic partnerships with top leaders in the security industry including Microsoft, which offers a vast security ecosystem for both Cloud infrastructures and On Premise.

and compliance

Part-time CISO

Provision of an experienced Chief Information Security Officer to lead your Cybersecurity strategy and ensure the integrity of your Information System against internal and external risks.

Part time Ciso
Security committee

Through regular committees, your dedicated operations manager collects and analyzes your KPIs and security incidents as part of a continuous process of improving security.

ISP (Information Security Policy) development

Define and structure the Information Security Policy for your organization.

ISP development

Audit services

Infrastructure, data, collaborative tools and Dynamics software audit

Analysis of the levels of security in place and proposals of detailed action plans.

infrastructure audit
Vulnerability analysis

Automatic vulnerability assessment of your IT assets as well automated patch deployments.

Penetration testing (ethical hacking)

Penetration tests carried out by ethical hackers to pinpoint your human and technical weaknesses so that they can be corrected.

ethical hacking

Automatic assessment of security vulnerabilities resulting from your organization’s internet exposure.


Users and devices

Cybersecurity user awareness

Continuous training and assessment process for users to become familiar with cyber risks.

Strong authentication, Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Securing user identities to ensure secure access to your critical IT assets.

Antivirus protection EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

Protection of workstations and servers against malicious content.

Devices and applications management

Manage and control the security of your organization’s devices and applications to minimize the risks associated with security breaches and “shadow IT”.

Managed Services

Our Secure Workplace contract is a turnkey outsourcing service for managing your employees and your IT assets. It supports your terminals and servers, your Microsoft collaborative tools and provides all the required governance and security services to make your organization safer and more efficient.

Perimeter security

Firewall, Gateway SSL, Bastion, SASE

Solutions for perimeter protection, encryption, incoming access control and access to Cloud applications.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web feed protection solutions for your websites, extranet, eCommerce and web services.

Network segmentation

Partitioning of IT assets in separate networks to limit the risks in the event of an attack.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Solution for protecting your physical networks against intrusion attempts.

Email gateway

Filtering of spam and malicious content to guarantee your productivity and improve your security.

Zero Trust approach

Systematic identification verification mechanisms for workstations when connecting to the information system.

Systems and data

Immutable backup

Indelible data backup solution that provides ultimate resilience in the event of a cyber attack.

SIEM, SOAR & SOC services

Security log consolidation, correlation and alert management tools and services.
External backups & Disaster recovery

Data and system outsourcing solution for Cyber-resilience and/or disaster recovery at a backup site.

Audit & compliance

Audit of data, user-actions and access to ensure compliance and continuous improvement of security.

Data Loss Protection

Data classification and security policy management tools.

Discover a few of our Cybersecurity solutions

Security Assessment Collaboration tools Microsoft 365 header

Security Assessment Collaboration tools

The Security Assessment service for Microsoft 365 collaboration tools is a 2-day workshop that helps CIOs and their IT teams understand their security risks and create an action plan to mitigate them.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness is ongoing cybersecurity training for employees that is flexible, engaging and fun to do.


Enterprise Mobility Security

Protect and secure your organization.

Partners and certifications

The ExpertCyber certification spotlights digital security professionals who have demonstrated a level of technical expertise and transparency in the areas of assistance and support for their customers.

Prodware Cybersecurity Partner NetApp
Prodware Cybersecurity partner Qualys

Why choose Prodware?

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses. As a digital transformation partner, Prodware also supports its customers in strengthening their cybersecurity strategy by ensuring the security of their infrastructure, professional applications, data and by offering protection services against cyber risks.

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