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Business Transformation

Supporting your digital transformation journey with business consulting and innovation

As the world becomes increasingly digital, Digital Transformation is the way for businesses to remain competitive and relevant. A holistic Business Consulting approach that encompasses people, processes and technology is vital.

We understand that customers and colleagues lie at the heart of sustained business success. Change is rapid and constant in the modern world, which means future proofing your organization needs constant attention, a reflection of tomorrow’s world and reinforcement of best practice.

Whether you are looking for support in strategic or operational success, our Business Transformation team drives quality, best practice and constant innovation.

Prodware Business Consulting Approach

Prodware helps you surface and transform business insights into tangible actions.  Explore more detail in the links below.

Prodware Business Consulting Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We support you in defining CX strategies and implementing best practices using techniques such as Customer Journey Mapping.  Our CX Workshop is a key part of our customer experience program to help you develop a customer-centric culture throughout the business for the long-term.

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Employee Experience Consulting header

Employee Experience

Our Employee Experience (EX) consulting practice supports the entire employee journey with your company, undertaking a comprehensive review and change management implementation to get you on the right track to attracting and retaining the top talent for business success.

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Prodware Business Consulting Change Management

Governance & Change Management

Your employees are key to ensuring successful change across the business. Integrate change management as part of the project lifecycle accompanied by our change management team. Together we focus on closing the gap between technology investment and employee engagement.


Prodware Business Consulting Innovation


Innovation is at the heart of Prodware.  We help you analyze and set your customer strategy and challenges vs. the competition. We advise on relevant innovative solutions (e.g. IoT, Augmented Reality, BI, etc.) that will support your digital transformation journey in line with modern expectations.


Prodware Business Consulting Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Understanding, extracting and maintaining the true business value of digital transformation, is the focus of Prodware’s Operational Excellence consulting.  After scoping and resource planning to get you to your excellence target, we support you in optimizing business processes, efficiency and controls.


Digital Maturity Assessment

Business transformation to meet current and future demands works across four key areas: Innovation, Operations, Employees and Customers.
Your digital transformation strategy must address these in equal measure and be aligned across all.
You can assess where your organization sits in each of these areas by taking the relevant Maturity Assessment.
What’s more, you will receive a report summarizing your current position and indicating your next best steps to advance your transformation journey.


Why choose Prodware?

For over 30 years, Prodware has been scoping, advising and implementing technology that addresses real business challenges. From this experience, we have developed a holistic and practical program to support your digital transformation and derive true success. We help our clients step into the future by building the business models of tomorrow; supported by market leading technology, twinned with guidance and best practice in bringing about positive and sustainable change.

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