Microsoft Yammer

Build communities to connect and engage your employees

Microsoft Yammer is an enterprise social network that helps you improve employee engagement and communication across your organization.

BENEFITS – Microsoft Yammer


Facilitate close working relationships and idea sharing between employees through crowdsourcing within communities.

Keep teams updated and motivated

Share strategic information or news via posts,announcements and events across the organization.

Streamline communication and reduce noise

Minimize email threads that waste time and clutter in-boxes, create conversation threads and knowledge archives.

CAPABILITIES – Microsoft Yammer

Yammer communication ouverte et dynamique

Open and dynamic communication

Improve engagement and enhance communication in your organization.
Build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback, and keep everyone informed, aligned, and moving forward.

Yammer intégration transparente

Seamless integration

Share, create and edit files directly from Yammer conversations with Office 365.
Each group or channel gets access to shared resources to manage their documents, put forward their content, share notes and set up respective responsibilities.
Microsoft Graph increases capability to search for users, groups and conversations.
Easily integrate Yammer with your sites and videos to prolong conversation wherever you are.

Yammer sécurité et conformité

Security and compliance

Rely on the same enterprise-level security, compliance and management features of Office 365 to help protect data.
Benefit from advanced security technology to protect your network.
The Office administration center as well as the information from the Yammer groups provide insights to better understand the activities on your network.

FEATURES – Microsoft Yammer


Start a conversation with a question, use a filter to only see questions right from your browser or mobile application.


Join a group of your choice, comment and ask question in real time.


Follow a specific user and check for his messages in your personal conversation flow.


Look up someone in the search zone by typing in their name or follow a user by searching through the All Company conversation flow.


When you reply to a message, Yammer creates a thread which makes it easier to follow the conversation of the participants.


Check, rank and manage the conversations most relevant to you on Yammer.


The group administrators can create, produce and plan events without having to disconnect from Yammer.


Bring your rich social and interactive Yammer experience to any page, article or site of SharePoint.


Yammer offers local data residency to help meet data residency requirements.

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