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Accelerate digital transformation for solid business success with our innovation journey

Digital Transformation is the way for businesses to remain competitive and relevant. The integration of innovative technology into all areas of the organization, future-proofs your business and provides your customers with the experiences they demand.

But how?

At Prodware, we believe in practical innovation; connecting real business needs with technology within reach. We have set out a tailored program of innovation discovery, advice and implementation that helps our customers get there quicker.

A key part of our approach is the hands-on “Explore” Innovation Workshop;
it provides focus on your strategic needs and how specific innovation tech can support your digital transformation.

Features – Explore Innovation Workshop

The Innovation Workshop involves engagement of one or two days, including preparatory discovery work and a workshop held together, involving key stakeholders in your business (including senior leaders and innovation champions).

The Explore workshop agenda follows a best practice framework but its contents and priorities are defined and tailored to you.

innovation outlook

Agenda is defined, key people interviewed and inspiration on innovation technologies discussed.


Using Business Model Canvas methodology we explore your key partners, customers, resources, structure, revenue streams, value proposition etc.


Your top 10 business challenges are discussed and defined to provide additional focus and priorities.

root cause analysis

Mapping your top challenges with key drivers to further surface the detail of what, how and why.


What would you like your business to look like as a result of transformation? What is success?


What additional benefits can be derived from the changes you adopt and solving the challenges?

Following the Innovation Workshop, you will receive documentation of key focus areas, innovation gap analysis, action summary and next steps recommendation. A typical next step would be the “Excite” advanced program – an in-depth two-day event that will showcase relevant innovation tech with POCs, pilots and kick-start initial projects.

Let’s Explore.

Why Prodware?

Innovation, technology and business experience are key to a successful digital disruption strategy; to serve you well in the short to long-term success of your business.
Innovation is in the DNA of Prodware, we combine our commercial experience with developing innovation solutions to provide you with the business processes and customer experiences of tomorrow, today.

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