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Bringing value to your customers with innovative solutions

Whether it is responding faster, better quality products, exceptional customer service or customer relations…In today’s fast-paced economy where access to innovation and new products is ever more accelerated, customer expectations have changed as they are seeking new experiences.

Our Business Expertise

ACCelerate go-to-market

Modelize, quantify and launch new products faster on the supply chain with better knowledge of the market for optimized manufacturing and replenishment processes. .

OPTIMIzing supply chain management

Connect the sales and purchasing processes to the logistics, production and warehouse operations for tighter management and monitoring throughout the supply chain.

improve manufacturing

Shorten production deadlines, meet customer demands, and manage your resources with much more efficiency. Leverage real time data to monitor production, obtain accurate delivery dates and reduce costs.

selling direct to the end user

Some manufacturers are rethinking their business model selling online as to cut out the middleman. This approach opens up new opportunities and revenue streams but also brings new challenges facing e-commerce.

purchasing & inventory

Make direct and indirect purchasing of products and services easier by setting up a centralized buying system for your organization to support your inventory replenishment policy.

Disruptive scenarios

Using physical products to drive digital sales

Digital offerings such as online upgrading services or maintenance contracts are great add-ons to the purchase of physical products. Integrating digital offerings with physical products brings:
– An increase in post-sale revenue
– Data monetization
– Faster go-to-market cycles

PREDICTIVE Maintenance

Save time and money thanks to IoT-embedded equipment that handles auto-maintenance and triggers notifications to plan a service call. Not only will you save on cost of the equipment but you will significantly reduce equipment downtime, scheduling service calls and overall maintenance costs.

automated inventory management

Connectivity and smart warehouses are changing the way you leverage strategic data, by better assessing your stock ad supply chain.

Our successful transformations

Specialized in high-pressure connected hydraulics, Manuli Fluiconnecto chose to deploy Prodware’s Wholesale & Distribution solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Prodware is Microsoft’s leading Partner in EMEA for Microsoft Dynamics. Check out the video testimonial.
We have been supporting Manutan in their digital transformation journey for more than 5 years. According to Pierre-Olivier Brial, “going digital” is a unique opportunity for organizations to reinvent themselves.

How we can help you

Prodware’s end-to-end industry-specific solutions and managed services will help you optimize your business processes and operations from streamlining your processes and existing products to delivering new services and transforming your business.

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