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In our modern-day economy you need to turn to a trusted business partner who will not only secure your systems and operations but support you through your business transformation. Our Managed Services offering does just that:

Faced with the challenges of providing business and operational continuity, our support and AMS offers cover the management of IT-related services to help our customers maintain their systems and create value for their company.

The 3 main objectives are:


Provide the support and maintenance services necessary for the continuity of your business.


Communicate regularly on new features and their practical applications, provide sound advice and services to support the growth of your business.


Improve the effectiveness of your IT, your business efficiency and the experience of your customers and users of your targets

Empowering your Business with comprehensive Managed Services

We are driven by a mission: to enable your business to thrive by ensuring seamless operations, optimizing system performance, and enhancing efficiency. Regardless of the nature, size, industry sector, or unique market demands of your organization, our dedicated support and comprehensive Application Management Services (AMS) are designed to provide you with tailored solutions. Our aim is to help you minimize operational risks, amplify productivity, and harness the full potential of the digital transformation, ultimately leading to maximized business outcomes. With our expertise and commitment, you can confidently navigate the evolving landscape and capitalize on the myriad opportunities it presents.

Main goals

Additional goals

Strengthening your Business Infrastructure and Applications
through two key service blocks

Our Managed Services department offers a whole host of ITIL-based software services centered around 2 main service blocks: AppCare for Business Applications and TechCare for Infrastructure services.

Our Managed Services department offers a whole host of ITIL-based software services. Our comprehensive offerings revolve around two primary service blocks: AppCare for Business Applications and TechCare for Infrastructure services. These service blocks serve as the foundation for maintaining and optimizing your organization’s critical components.

Managed Services, service level agreements

Three Service Level Agreements

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold SLA offerings cater to your overall service demands.


AppCare provides a complete set of services supporting your on-premise or Cloud business applications. It covers the main business applications and peripheral applications (digital, ISV, personalization, localization) and any required customized developments.

  • Functional support
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Upgrade maintenance
  • Testing
  • Source code and environment management
  • Steering



Managed Services, client infrastructure


TechCare is an alternative that entrusts Prodware with managing your infrastructure and terminals regardless of your IT configuration – whether your IT is on-premise, in the Cloud or hybrid, Prodware’s TechCare maintenance contract brings you full coverage and efficiency.

  • Service desk and Knowledge centre
  • Incident management (requests and upgrades)
  • Preventive services and patch management
  • Supervising
  • Compliance and security
  • Business application expertise
  • Steering



Rationalizing your business

Managed Services, application streamlining

Our infrastructure and Cloud experts, working closely with the application development departments, have honed their skills and expertise on our industry-specific applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, etc: – designing infrastructure, application monitoring and performance optimization – this paired with robust tooling allow for advanced and adapted SLAs that meet your requirements.

Our proven methodology for implementing TechCare and AppCare Services

Our outstanding and efficient implementation process of our TechCare and AppCare services
is made possible through this proven 4-step sequential approach:

initialization phase

Definition of scope, processes, action owners, action items and detailed scheduling and planning.


Support resources and means allocated with a dedicated Prodware team.


Deploying, fine-tuning and enhancing the customer’s services as part of our ongoing commitment to Quality of Service.


When a customer wishes to change service providers, Prodware handles the transmission of assets, information and any other supporting documents to the customer or third party.

This methodology ensures stellar quality of service we provide to our customers

The key success factors

With our long and proven track record in managed services for SOHOs and SMEs, Prodware makes it a rule to systematically focus on the following areas:

Clear operational support and documented guidelines

A shared work schedule

An efficient asset management tooling system

A proven knowledge transfer process

A clearly defined warranty period

Efficient collaboration between stakeholders

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