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Transform your business with connected solutions using the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a term for connected devices that interface with a networked service, transferring data to the internet. IoT reaches across many domains, from domestic appliances to connected cities and modern factories.

IoT technology normally consists of two main parts:

The “Edge”; connected devices: these can range from simple RFID tags attached to physical objects, to connected sensors, to more complex appliances such as a fridge or medical equipment. Some of them passively emit information (typically about their state or their surroundings) and some others get data back from the network and can perform actions accordingly (for example, a thermostat that adjusts the room temperature depending on the weather forecast or the location of the owner).

The “Cloud”; the back end: a cloud system that receives the signals from the devices and stores them, analyzes them, performs business logic on the data received and or sends back information or instructions to the device network.

IoT Azure Business Process


Understand your customers better

For consumers, smart homes and assistants offer support and help in their daily schedules. In turn for businesses, this information allows them to track customer behavior; when, what, where and how they are shopping online etc. The more data a company can collect about their customer through each stage of the complex buyer journey, the deeper and broader that relationship can become.

Improved customer experiences

The fact that smart devices make our lives easier is a given (the fridge that updates your shopping list for example). The more businesses learn about their clients and the challenges they face each day through IoT, the more they can put solutions in place to help those customers. This information can lead to improvements in product design or new services that add real value to customers.

Increased productivity, reliability and profits

When businesses deploy IoT internally to help them in production processes (think Smart Factories) for instance, this significantly reduces downtime of connected equipment on the production floor with the help of sensors providing statistics on usage, wear, servicing and breakdowns. When applied to post-sale scenarios, maintenance organizations can embrace predictive field service with connected products to support their customers proactively.

How IoT brings value to business

Microsoft Azure IoT business value

Discrete Manufacturing

Discover anomalies of production equipment before they become critical issues and use this data to develop predictive maintenance programs. Create and sell products with smart components that collect product and usage data. Optimize energy consumption, space utilization, and workforce productivity within the factory for smarter facilities management. Fully integrate your supply chain that includes business planning, demand forecasting, and track-and-trace monitoring.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value

Process Manufacturing

IoT helps improve operational processes, ensuring quality control, maximize production yield while reducing waste, in addition to the asset and equipment monitoring to reduce production downtime.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value


From customer experience to operational excellence, IoT drives best practice in retail. In-store analytics provide customer and product information to support your teams’ decision-making. Track shipments in real time with location and condition monitoring, and prevent spoilage, theft or loss. Deliver a seamless omni-channel experience supported by consistent inventory management across physical and web channels.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value


Digitally connect and monitor key assets and actions across your automated distribution and fulfillment centers for supply chain insights. Manage product inventory and shelf availability with sensors that automate receiving, product movement, cycle counting, and tracking.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value

Field Service

Avoid expensive equipment breakdowns, minimize customers’ operational downtime, and enhance the productivity of your engineers. Tag assets, equipment, and tools for Connected Field Service scenarios where IoT informs resourcing, work orders, and case resolution.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value


Accelerate connected vehicle innovation, to meet security and compliance needs for testing and launching self-driving and assisted driving vehicles.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value


IoT helps monitor and enhance the performance of grid assets and optimize distributed energy resources while lowering your operational costs. Improve energy efficiency, the flow of grid data, and the balance of supply and demand.

Microsoft Azure IoT business value


IoT is securely helping connect existing data sources, health record systems, and research databases. Supporting data interoperability to enable insights backed by advanced analytics, AI, and new models of R&D, training and patient care with mixed reality.

DeviceTone IoT for Connected Field Service


The DeviceTone Genie enables manufacturers and service companies to improve visibility on the health of their products, their customer’s usage, increase market share with new business models and bring together open-source “smart” device technology with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, to set up and run your connected maintenance operations.

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Microsoft AZURE IoT Services

Azure IoT Central

A hosted, extensible one-stop cloud platform that simplifies the setup of IoT solutions and helps reduce the burden and costs of IoT management, operations, and development.

Azure IoT Hub

A cloud platform that acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between an IoT application and the devices it manages. IoT Hub supports communications both from the device to the cloud and from the cloud to the device. IoT Hub supports multiple messaging patterns such as device-to-cloud telemetry, file upload from devices, and request-reply methods to control the devices from the cloud.

Azure Event Hubs

A real-time data ingestion that can stream millions of events per second from any source to build dynamic data pipelines.

Azure Event Grid

An event routing service that uses a publish-subscribe model. IoT Hub and Event Grid work together to integrate IoT Hub events into Azure and non-Azure services.

Azure Time Series Insights

A fully managed service that supports storing, indexing, querying, analyzing, and visualizing time series data in large volumes.

Azure IoT Edge

With ever more powerful and smaller computing appliances, in modern IoT solutions data processing can occur in the cloud or on the device side. Device-side processing is referred to as “edge computing”.

Azure Stream Analytics

A managed event-processing engine that provides real-time analytic computations on streaming data (such as the one coming from IoT devices or sensors).

Azure IoT Solution accelerators

Complete, ready-to-deploy solutions for common IoT scenarios (remote monitoring, device simulation, connected factory and predictive maintenance). The accelerators combine different IoT and data services like IoT Hub, Azure storage, Stream Analytics and Azure web apps to provide pre-built environments that can serve as templates, starting points or complete solutions for simple projects.

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