Fashion industry

Keeping up with fashion and trends

Digitization technology is transforming fashion at a faster pace than ever. From robots that sew and cut fabric, to Artificial Intelligence algorithms that predict style trends, to Virtual Reality mirrors in dressing rooms, technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up every aspect of the fashion industry.

Staying current is of the essence – Fashion needs to be current and adapt to its time, trends, consumers and needs through Retail Engagement (new store concepts). Sustainability is pivotal – Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable practices are driving change as concerned consumers are calling out non environmentally friendly processes. Supply chain transparency has become the new norm because sustainability is not a trend, fast fashion is..

Our business expertise

drive unified expertise

Increase revenue, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by delivering a consistent and impactful shopping experience.

create a modern store experience

Generate efficient management processes, top of the notch customer service, increase sales and meet the changing needs of your customers. Enable product selection and recommendations and optimize store operations.

automating your retail business plan

Get a comprehensive retail business plan including financial planning, seasonal planning, merchandise and pre-season business planning, and open-to-buy planning.

collection management

Managing multiple fashion collections in an end-to-end process. Collection management has evolved to meet the requirements of the new retail fashion paradigm.

effectively manage merchandising

Increase ROI and product demand by centrally managing merchandising – including product information, categories, assortment and pricing.

item lifecycle management

Converting business plans and collection strategies into tangible designs, technical specifications, samples and sellable lines.


Optimize inventory levels with automated and manual replenishment tools.
Artificial intelligence enabled methods enhance precise forecast mechanisms for production, sales and trends. Get a 360° holistic view of your supply chain.

Disruptive scenarios

From production and supply chain to marketing and sales, fashion is one of the industries hit the hardest by digital disruption. New technologies and digital devices such as smartphones, social media, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce are re-shuffling the market dynamics.

AR/VR – Redefining the Online and In-Store ExperienceS

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are being deployed more and more to create digital experiences in stores and “in-store” experiences online. Retailers are leveraging AR technology to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical.

Tech makes inventory transparent & traceable

As fashion enters its next era, goods produced using hyper-rapid manufacturing systems are tracked and distributed using next-gen inventory management tools. Brands are increasingly deploying a combination of sensors, scanners, and cloud-based software to monitor and maintain inventory.

Digital stylists get personal

As visual search and recommendation systems improve with artificial intelligence, users will be able to send bot-stylists photos of items they like, and get suggestions for similar items. The “try before you buy” is now an online experience.

visual search

Another AI-powered retail trend, visual search allows shoppers to find and buy a product just by snapping a photo. AI works its magic to identify the product (or similar ones) across multiple sites and retailers in just one click.

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Prodware business solutions and end-to-end project services focus on enabling retailers to achieve more with their businesses—from streamlining existing processes and products to delivering new services and transforming business models.

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