Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

Personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels

The physical and digital worlds have converged and with it so are retail channels. Retailers must embrace digital transformation to thrive in today’s competitive environment. It is essential to combine the best of digital and in-store to deliver personalized, seamless and differentiated customer experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce – offering comprehensive omnichannel commerce across e-Commerce, in-store, and call center.

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables retailers to build brand loyalty through personalized customer engagements, increase revenue with improved employee productivity, plus optimize operations to reduce costs and drive supply chain efficiencies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

BENEFITS – Dynamics 365 Retail

Engage customers across channels

Give your customers the option to purchase when, how, and where they want—on any device—by delivering a frictionless and consistent engagement across online and offline channels.

Build loyalty and exceed expectations

See a comprehensive view of each customer on a unified commerce platform, respond to their needs at every level of engagement, and foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.

Streamline and optimize your retail operations

Create personalized and seamless commerce experiences and integrated, optimized back-office operations through built-in AI and machine learning.

Build and run digital commerce

Grow your business with an end-to-end commerce solution that scales to your needs across both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels.

CAPABILITIES – Dynamics 365 Retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail commerce unifié omnicanal

Omni-channel experience

Deliver a seamless, unified shopping experience by connecting digital, in-store, and back office operations on an omnichannel commerce platform.
Offer consistent, frictionless engagement across online and offline channels. Let customers decide when, how, and where they want to purchase – on any device.
Streamline management across channels via a connected marketing and commerce platform – providing a single view of content, assets, promotions, inventory, and pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail expérience client

Digital commerce

Create engaging, intelligent digital storefronts with built-in web authoring and easy-to-use development tools.
Better engage shoppers by delivering personalized, appealing web experiences with content-driven commerce strategies.
Help customers find products easily – both online and in-store – with intelligent, context-aware product search.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail business intelligence en temps réel

Real time business intelligence

Get a 360-degree view of your customer by adding Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Connect physical and digital storefronts into a single view of transactions, observational data, and behavioral data.
Empower your employees to foster lasting relationships through AI-driven recommendations, insights, and loyalty programs.
Maximize profitability with AI-driven recommendations of the right products at the right time and price.
Get an accurate view of inventory, centrally tracking product information, categories, assortment, and pricing.
Make informed, cost-effective inventory supply decisions with advanced analytics and machine learning.
Accurately forecast customer demand with actionable insights provided by historical sales and purchase data.
Streamline sourcing and replenishment, helping acquire the best prices from vendors and knowing the right moment to replenish inventory.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail expérience magasin moderne

Customer experience

Develop customer loyalty programs and wish lists to build brand image and retain your customers.
Provide choice and convenience with connected ordering and fulfillment tools. Let customers buy online and pick up in-store or receive home delivery.
Personalize customer experiences across retail channels, helping exceed customer expectations through tailored product selection.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail merchandising efficace

Efficient promotions and merchandizing

Define product, category, catalogue, customer or channel-specific pricing rules and discounts.
Create and manage sales promotions across all channels, organized by store, catalog, or customer affiliation with accurate, real-time omnichannel sales and cost data.
Increase customer conversion with AI-moderated ratings and reviews that improve product selection and accelerate purchase decisions.
Expand customer choice through endless aisles, offering access to your full product catalog whether in store or online, regardless of stock levels or location.

FEATURES – Dynamics 365 Retail

Modern POS

Mobile POS and clientele solution on devices that sales staff use to check customer preferences and history and inventory. New easy to use and customizable UI, with numeric keypad and people picker for touch-enabled devices.


Automated MDM processes, real time syncs. Cross store inventory levels visibility and analysis for overall supply chain replenishment.

Business Intelligence

A single app with built in BI analytics delivers merchandising and inventory management, store performance and sales/POS reporting, task automation.

payment platform support

Accept credit and debit cards, checks, cash, loyalty cards and other payment methods. Create customer orders both synchronously and asynchronously. with fraud protection.

Inbound/outbound operations

Asynchronous counting/receiving, in-store movements and adjustments, transfer receipt posting to HQ for process efficiency and accuracy.

cALL CENTER & customer service

Rich order capture and processing capabilities. Order assistance and sales flows managed by agent on behalf of shopper.

Bots and virtual agents

AI chat bots automate self-service scenarios.


An ecommerce platform supporting third-party storefronts, including features such as a rich consumer API, payment integration and a tailored retail experience app for iOS and Android devices.

SOCIAL integration

Connect with customers, implement promotions and publish content to your social media channels.


Create product catalogues and categorization schemes that can be targeted to or shared between channels to enrich products with descriptions, images, videos and rich text content.


Configure and manage loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and gift cards seamlessly across all channels.Machine learning analysis for customers “picks for you”, “people also like” and “frequently bought together”.

Customer trends

Algorithmic recommendations on trending, best selling and new products. Recommendations surfaced in POS include product details, transaction screen and customer details page.

What’s inside…


BI for Retail

This Power BI solution includes 17 out-of-the-box dashboards, each one with several panels (almost 100 in total) covering a specific perspective of the retail business. This solution helps you make informed decisions to increase your profit margins, provide an improved customer experience while optimizing your overall operational efficiency.

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Firstline Interface

Firstline Interface brings together all key information and processes in an easy to use screen that allows your customer facing teams to carry out their work more productively; allowing them to best represent your organization to customers.

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