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Industrial Project Management

Helps manufacturers manage large and complex production projects

Manufacturers within the industrial equipment and machine building industry need additional functionalities to suit their needs, particularly on large builds with multiple project milestones that can stretch over long periods.
We understand that with high-value manufacturing projects, you need tools to track cash-flow, schedules, resources and equipment. If a critical deadline is missed along the way, it impacts your ability to deliver, so visibility is key.

Industrial Project Management is a full end-to-end solution and boosts standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management functionality to meet these needs; connecting project and production in multiple ways.

The solution is available as either Essentials or Advanced, depending on your functional needs.

IPM Industrial Project Management functionality summary

Manage large and complex production projects, to boost productivity, efficiency and best practice

BENEFITS – Industrial Project Management


Financially and operationally it is important to have the tools to run high-value manufacturing projects, that can track cash-flow, schedules, resources and equipment. Stop switching between apps, screens or separate reports to track projects.


When you connect your operations and adopt best practice in product and project management, you can respond to the needs of customers in a more agile and proactive way.


By integrating your partners and suppliers deeper within your manufacturing operations, you become more proactive, communication is improved, barriers are removed and go to market is quicker.


The end to end solution is used across the organization, so all functional areas are improved with better collaboration, automation and control of repeated tasks and deeper integration across teams.

CAPABILITIES – Industrial Project Management

Visibility and controls for Project management

Helps project managers gain complete visibility by displaying all project delivery information and invoice tracking and can be worked on directly from the summary screen.

Accuracy and productivity for project quotation

Refines project quotations by allowing companies to set prices and discounts according to their needs.

Improves project resource management

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps to organize the work (hours, expenses, items consumption) over time.

Project cash-flow visibility

Improves visibility of cash flow with Cash in/out functionality for projects.

Boosts production planning and consumption processes

Tightens the integration of your production processes and improves visibility with our Production Order Consolidation feature.

Simplifies and streamlines item management

Simplifies your BOM management with item versioning functionality.

Strengthens quality control processes

Manages the product certification system for better controls.

Reduces downtime of production machinery

Includes a simple equipment maintenance system for less downtime and interruptions to production.

Automates supplier performance management

Helps manage suppliers and their performance with automatic evaluation of your key criteria by priority.

What’s inside…

IPM Additonal functionality project quotation

Project quotation functionality is boosted

Industrial Project Management Gantt Order View

Gantt order view for project planning

IPM Additional project overview tabs

Project overview tabs from one screen

Control products with Item Life Cycle

Cash flow visibility with Cash In / Out

IPM Production Order Consolidation

Production Order Consolidation

Industrial Project Management workspace

Industrial Project Management workspace

Industrial Project Management project dashboard

Project dashboard using Power BI


The following Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management accelerators are included in the Essentials pack:

PO Quantity Allotment

Organizations who need flexibility in how they split purchase order requests, find it frustrating with too much manual intervention in repeatable and timed PO administration. The accelerator helps by saving distribution rules by vendor, creating automatic distribution in post-MRP processes, and allowing users to manually launch planned orders using the rules in place.

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Item Life Cycle

The accelerator helps to organize, control and simplify data input, plus generate traceability via an audit trail of all data modification and inputs.


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Vendor Auto Evaluation

The manual entry of data in standard Dynamics 365 to assess supplier performance can slow down productivity, the Vendor Auto Evaluation accelerator helps by automatically feeding relevant fields from operational transactions, to assess selected vendors’ performance based on multiple criteria.


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Purchase & Sales Optimization

This accelerator helps those manufacturers with conditional trade agreements with vendors (based on quantity, price and discount) who would like to have better visibility on quantities ordered to obtain a better price from suppliers. Plus if they have multiple warehouses and need to improve their inventory management; each warehouse can assist the other warehouses to resolve out-of-stock situations, via automated workflows to pick the best delivery warehouse (between warehouses or direct from vendor).


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In addition to the Essentials pack functionalities, the Advanced Pack contains the following Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management accelerators and features:

Industrial Project Management Workspace

This project dashboard brings together key KPIs needed for effective and efficient project management within industrial manufacturing; including cashflow, project milestones, revenues and analytics. The Workspace allows you to easily track your manufacturing projects in one area.

Project Overview

Manufacturing Project Managers need to have a view across multiple areas of large production projects, quickly and easily to ensure project financial and delivery KPIs are on track. This accelerator helps by providing one single screen surfacing key information such as billing rules in project contract, project deliveries: summary of item requirements and item forecasts, upcoming invoicing and current or late invoicing.


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Project Quotation

This accelerator alleviates the following challenges in using standard Microsoft Dynamics functionality: The integration and subsequent transfer of project quotation information from the sales agreements and project modules is manually carried out; quotation establishment can only be done through the sales price and for services (hours, expenses); prices are set up in the Project module; items are retrieved from sales trade agreements, plus it isn’t possible to set a total or line discount when preparing quotes. This lack of integration and flexibility affects productivity and efficiency in managing the commercial side of projects.


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Production Order Consolidation

The accelerator helps manufacturers’ productivity and accuracy, by recovering grouping criteria when POs are created; attributes of the launched Product, attributes of the components of the Production Order BOM (if can be inherited from the BOM) and attributes of Production Order range lines.


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Project WBS Management

Work Breakdown Structure is a best practice approach when organizing projects, particularly in large and complex industrial planning. This accelerator helps manufacturing companies manage tasks, priorities and resources; providing additional reporting for forecasting and planning; without the need for Project Managers to switch screens or input duplicate information.


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For manufacturing companies, machinery breakdowns can have major impacts on production line efficiencies; if multiple maintenance operators work across various equipment types, productivity can be lost. This accelerator delivers additional functionality including intervention management, preventative maintenance planning, breakdown reporting for curative maintenance plus analytics for trends in maintenance.

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Cash In Out

Achieve better cash flow visibility and control within your projects and sub-projects. The accelerator provides a projection of cash inputs and outputs on a project over time and to earn revenue with cash flow optimization.

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Item Versioning

The accelerator helps manufacturing companies by centralizing escalation requests for item changes, providing a framework and process for version changes of released products and the ability to store tasks and allow notifications of changes throughout the organization.


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First Article Inspection

Achieve quality standards throughout your product inspection cycles without productivity loss. The accelerator identifies the certification on the released product, with delay and type validation, blocks the process if the product certification is out of date and produces a list of out of date released products


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Project Inventory Tracking

Manufacturers have multiple critical released products and the production process (with multiple levels) involves inheriting that Critical status on the component or sub-component, causing issues when drawing down for project consumption. The Project Inventory Tracking accelerator helps ensure that goods are reserved for the production project without complexity; by tracking projects and monitoring the impact on logistics, specific products to be purchased, related stock movements, and forecast orders, plus providing Project Managers with an analysis via a Power BI dashboard.

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We are ScoreFact certified on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.
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Discover how Industrial Project Management for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management can transform the way you do business.

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