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ChatBot style proactive customer feedback that works with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Howazit is a chat-like customer feedback ActBot app that can be used in many customer engagement scenarios, directly integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps, bringing a point of difference to cut through the noise and truly engage with your audience.

The feedback app sends SMS or emails, for example sending a post-event satisfaction survey, pre-qualifying an enquiry or providing support post-purchase for product adoption. The act-bot can route the prospect or customer to the right team in Microsoft Dynamics 365, in order to best serve their needs.

Howazit transforms the way your brand engages with modern prospects and clients throughout their journey, improves communication effectiveness and retains bite-sized conversations throughout a customer’s lifetime that are pro-active, interactive and propel customers.

Creating excellent customer experiences with end-to-end service

Contact information registered in Dynamics 365

Howazit chat-like feedback collecter sent to customer

Results directly in Dynamics 365 using routing so further action can be taken

Satisfied customers with a proactive approach

BENEFITS – Howazit

Improve customer loyalty

Asking the customer to instantly feedback on their experience after interacting with your business maintains your relationship, increases product adoption and surfaces any issues quickly

Grow positive feedback

Encourage customers to review your business instantly and easily, leading to higher ratings in app stores and on review sites

Boost commerical success

Feedback and proactive engagement throughout the customer journey not only boosts their satisfaction level and customer experience, it increases up-sell by 19% and cross-sell by 38%

Real time analysis to support decision-making

Real-time stats are available in your dashboard to help you see how many contacts were sent your survey, how many responded, country of residence and satisfaction levels

Cost-effective best practice

Immediate responses using automated workflows that let the customer know their enquiry is in hand or requests feedback – can reduce incoming customer service calls by up to 50%

Increase productivity

According to brands using Howazit, productivity is increased by 27% due to routing, automation and prioritization best practice

Integrated and familiar

Managed from within Dynamics 365 with an easy to use dashboard.  Familiar workflows and activities enable you to seamlessly create survey processes and gather survey information, in Dynamics 365 leading to increased productivity

FEATURES – Howazit

Dashboard in Dynamics 365

Real-time reporting, funnels, popularity indexes & survey results directly in your Dynamics 365 dashboard

Workflow activity

Easily configure workflows in Dynamics 365 to send the Howazit survey by SMS/email. Results can then be assigned as an activity to the appropriate department

Chat survey history

You can access each chat survey created in Dynamics 365, and see survey questions, answers from customers and create new workflows accordingly

Update contact information

The contact record is updated automatically using workflow functionality; including Satisfaction Code and last Howazit chat date

Manage actions

Once the satisfaction code is populated at contact level, to the system can automatically schedule a phone call, appointment or send another Howazit survey

What’s inside…

Howazit Dashboard in Dynamics 365

Dashboard in Dynamics 365

Howazit customer satisfaction Act-Bot

Customer satisfaction Act-Bot

Howazit creating a survey in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Creating a survey in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Howazit survey answers in Dynamics 365

Survey answers in Dynamics 365

Howazit details per survey and question

Details per survey and question

Howazit workflow performance view

Workflow performance view

Howazit trigger workflow

Trigger workflow

Customer testimonials

Zanders chooses Prodware as a partner for the support and further development of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM), ClickDimensions and Howazit

Why choose Prodware?

As a Microsoft partner, with hundreds of CRM and customer service clients, Prodware’s global experience means that we can match our Microsoft Dynamics expertise and customer experience approach with innovative technology such as Howazit to modernize service provision.
We are an international company present in 13 countries across the EMEA region allowing our customers to benefit from a local service supported by a global infrastructure.

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